Koobface Worm In New Form Infects Facebook, MySpace

Facebook and MySpace user beware: the Koobface virus is back in a new form. Huliq reports:
A new strain of Koobface worm, a type of web application virus, is resurfacing in Facebook and Myspace. Security experts warn the users of the popular online social networks to be watchful and use caution when on the networks. The "Koobface" Facebook worm tricks users and hijacks accounts.
This virus seems similar to the one that was affecting Gchat users not long. That worm also used false messages from friends to hijack your confidential information.
Take care when using those large social networking sites people!

I have PMS sooo bad today. Yet as I look outside I know that I am at least 4 weeks, maybe even 6 away from riding my motorcycle. It is tough I gotta tell you!

I hope those who are riding already stay hyper aware and vigilant at staying safe...please!

For the rest of you, stay safe and warm...

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hey thanks for the heads up on this. It's very important to know....anyway..I ain't much of a guy for facebook.
    PMS cure...a roll in the every time. lol
    Take care and take Hubby out for dinner