Today is a quiet news day, at least so far and truly after the last couple of days I think that's a good thing.

There are many times when I get so heart sick and disgusted by the news feeds that it throws my day off.

Ali has been down with a brutal cold but is still managing to work on our web site. She found the fix for our riding clubs component and it is finally displaying properly, we have about 460 links in there so far and I do have a ton of data entry to on the riding clubs, I will get it done eventually but if you know of a club that has an active web site, please add it! With your help we are becoming a great clearing house of information.

We are moving things around a bit in an effort to tighten the site up. Now if Internet Explorer could ever get their act together I'd be a really happy woman. Our site works better in explorer now but there are still anomalies and quirks.

If all goes well, by this weekend I will have my year end done and off to the accountant.
I hate books but nonetheless it is a job that has to be done so...

I'll let you all go but remember, if you live where you can ride already - ride like they are out to get you because - they are!

For the rest of you, stay safe and warm!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I know Ali is doing a good job and so are you.
    IE sucks,mainly because Microsoft does not give a shit...There are so many features and benefits they can include...but they will not do it till the next release so they can sell you something...C'est La vie as they say in Quebec...Grin and bear it as we say...!
    Visiting your accountant...hope you are making somje money this year to pay the bills....'re a great gal and I love what you're doing for our weird ridind community...then again...we ride everything we lay sights on ...don't we?