Well, the news is full of some pretty sick and strange stories today.

In international news: A woman in Kalamazoo got 10 days in jail, 100 hours of community service and 6 months probation for killing a couple on their motorcycle when she turned in front of them....10 days for two lives - sick, sad and twisted....

Then there's the article about a biker in New Smyrna Beach Florida who, after crashing his bike called his family on his cell phone instead of calling 911. As a result of the four hours he spent calling family and friends where in he could not tell them where he crashed, he died. According to the police had he called 911 they could have located him and he might have survived...that's just sad....

Then under health and technology there's a story about motorcycles causing cancer. Is that strange?

The author of the book, "Motorcycle Cancer?" Randall Dale Chipkar. "Science proves electromagnetic danger and bikers deserve to know the truth."

In another health and technology article a study concluded that riding motorcycles keeps you young....

Ryuta Kawashima states"Our final conclusion is that riding motorcycles can lead to smart ageing."

Yes, the news is full of articles that can make you shake your head...some in a good way, some in sadness and confusion.

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Anyway, I have another big day ahead of me so for now,
Stay safe and warm....

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. you're definitely up to date GIRL for Proffssor
    Ryuta Kawashima
    Has it right.
    Not toomany people knew about him or his you ROCK babe and you're a good looker too... I thought Blondes did not have but corrected I stand.
    Kudos to you for having found this research story.
    The rest of the stuff...well you know as well as I!
    Take care and get well