Have you read the news on Belt Drive Betty dot Com today?

Some idiot in London was charged for speeding with his son on the back of his bike. He wasn't just speeding, he was doing 122 Miles per hour. (posted under international news)

What the heck possess people? It's guys like this that create the situations where laws are implemented to protect stupid people from themselves that the rest of us have to live the potential law in Ontario banning kids 14 and under from being passengers on their parent's motorcycles.

Stupid is as stupid does....

In the Show 'n' Shine report from yesterday we have 2 corrections to make...
The winner of the Antique class is not Scott Longlitz, he posted the ride for his friend
Brent Honeker of Luseland and the proper name of the Sirdar Pub is - Sirdar Pub & Grill

Other than that, the winners all seem very pleased and some are extremely excited to have won. It's been very rewarding receiving the emails from the entrants and the winners. The positive feedback and comments on the paper, the newsletter and the show 'n' shine have sure propped up my sense of commitment - sometimes it's hard to know if what you do has any impact or is of any importance to people.

I am soooo very sick of the cold and the snow and unfortunately it appears we are going to be dealing with this white stuff a little longer here in the north. Last year at this time I was already riding...Blackie is still sitting here in the office with me and I swear she also is feeling the pressure building up - the need for a ride is prevelant for the old glide too...

Well, I have about 200 phone books to get out in the mail in the next few days so I had best get my butt in gear.

Stay safe and warm and if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you are already riding, then please ride like they are out to get you.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Betty
    I did 136 miles per hour with my son riding bitch and let me tell he enjoyed it and we bonded for ever.
    He's now 30 yrs old, married and lives in Australia and doesn't have a driver's licence..never did either for a car or a motorcycle....he feels he does not need one.

  2. Yah - but not on a GSXR with no Bitch bar....I am assuming you had a bitch bar and I am also betting you didn't do that speed in the rain either.