The news is filled with more tragic and twisted tales.

The latest involves Cpl. Benjamin "Monty" Robinson - he's the RCMP officer who allegedly was driving a Jeep that killed motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson.

He claims that when he left the scene of the accident to take his children away from the gruesome scene he drank two shots of vodka. The court denied his appeal to get his license back however, he will be getting it back soon regardless as his 90 day suspension is over next week. Although charges of impaired driving causing death and impaired driving have been recommended the Crown has yet to lay charges.

This man was one of the officers involved in the taser death of Robert Dziekanski.

His fellow officer - Const. Kwesi Millington - the one who operated the taser has undergone some brutal cross examination at the Braidwood Inquiry. He has been caught time and time again during the inquiry giving false accounts of what happened. He has had to admit that his notes on the incident give a "distorted" view of what happened.

Had there not been video - the" lies" would have gone unrecorded.

So, here we have two officers, both involved in the tasering incident that saw a man's life end and one of them involved in a drunk driving incident where another man's life ended and both have, shall we say distorted the facts, in an attempt to cover their butts.

Although the tasering incident is not motorcycle related I have included the news feed article in our news so that you can gain perspective on these two officers and who they are as people.

My question to all of you is this? Do you have any faith left in the RCMP? I know mine is at an all time low. What kind of men and women are they hiring? Where are the ethics that are supposed to be the corner stone of policing?

Then there's the "idiot" in the UK....

He tells other riders ""My advice to any bikers out there would be to just get rid of your bike and take the risk away." I call this man an idiot for a number of reasons and if you read the article you will understand my opinion on this man and his thinking...

I am disgusted and sickened by the news - yet again...stupid is as stupid does.

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. You know what...I'm disgusted with everything...leadership in this country has to do with...first Chretien mocked us to no end...then Harper looked he flipped overnight saying we will have a deficit... A week B4 he admitted that...all was well and rosy and there was no need to be concerned.
    RCMP, Politicians, you name it...they are all corrupt and they all need to be replaced