From comments like Berge Baronian's to the fact that I just signed our first PEI sales rep/reporter for the province of PEI I am feeling grateful.

I have, over the years picked up some survival skills and habits that don't serve me well.
We have all had our sack of hammer handles to drag around with us in life. Everyone has a story!
Dysfunction is something that most of us are familiar with - intimately!

Mine hammer handles were sexual abuse and rape as well as an alcoholic mother and - yada, yada, yada.

The survival skills of someone who has been abused range from self sabotage (I don't deserve anything good) to hiding and swallowing pain (I deserve to have bad things done to me).

In my case, self sabotage and time management skills have been the biggest hurdles for me to over come.

For years I have worked on bettering myself, breaking the chain.
I did not want my child to experience what I had at my parent's hand and I did not want her making the same dumb assed bad choices I had made as a result of the training I had received from my family environment. I went to counseling, I read self help books. (Still read self help and self enlightenment books today.)

Kid's don't come with an instruction manual.
No where does it say that child A likes this but hates that.

All I could do was try something different. I remember one day teaching my kid how to skate.
I loved skating as a kid almost as much as I love riding my motorcycle now as an adult.

Anyway, she wanted to learn, I had the skills and teaching background - perfect bonding time right? WRONG.

There we are on the ice at Mara Lake BC...she's being a clown, goofing off, not taking this seriously. I am furious - how dare she...keep in mind that she's five years old.

I go to back hand her on the fanny, I raise my right arm and all of a sudden I get this flip card rolling through my minds eye of my mother doing exactly the same thing to me...immediately I felt the pain of the hit on the behind, the humiliation I felt because hey, I was just having fun and feeling free...down went my right hand. I stopped and looked at my daughter and I joined her in being a clown. After we were done, we took off our skates, I put her in the truck and we went in to Sicamous and I registered her in skating classes. I changed the outcome of that horrible time for me, by changing it for her.

Yes, I have been working at changing me, my programming, my interpretations of the world around me for a long time. It is amazing how what you are taught as a kid, the values you learn, the beliefs you hold on to, how they stay with you - how long they impact you until you discover that they are really aren't serving you all that well.

Sometimes I get it and sometimes I am a slow learner.

I go though spells of working at improving me, getting complacent and then getting back on the treadmill so to speak. Self improvement is like exercise, you need to be consistent with for it to have lasting impact and value.

Working with the Law of Attraction, watching the Secret, reading books, practicing every day at being a better, more loving, more abundant person. I have to tell you, no matter your religious beliefs. No matter where you are today, you can change things in your life quickly if you choose to. The Laws apply to everyone, kind of the way the law of gravity does. It doesn't matter if you are Christian or Muslim, whether Judaism or Buddhism is your faith. The laws are the laws...

It's hard work working with the laws - yet it's not. It's more like it's joyful work. The more you concentrate on the things that make you feel happy, the more things to feel happy about you attract to you.

The more of your energy you devote to anything, the more of that you will attract - good or bad.

Working with the riding community, focusing on the good things in life, the things I am grateful for has brought me so much. My life, as I work on the housecleaning in my brain and my soul, is becoming richer, better and more abundant because of it.

I am following my passion in life, I hope that you are following yours.

When you are happy, grateful and joyful, it makes living and working so much fun!

Stay safe and ride like they are blind and can't see you...
You are important and valued!

Belt Drive Betty

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