It turned out to be a wonderful day, both on the weather front and the turn out for the 2nd Estevan BAD Rodeo.

The temperature was 28 degrees, well over 100 bikes turned out, the games were a blast and I had a ball.

I don't want to use what Berge terms my "gift of gab" too much today as I don't want to spoil what I am planning for the paper that will come out on June 11th, because it's going to be something watch for "Betty Goes to The Dark Side...or is That The Light Side" in June 11th's paper...

I want to thank Scube, Keith and Marty for everything.

I also need to thank Berge for my Blogger Award. I need to pass it on to 8 people, and I will do that tomorrow....right now I have the June 4th paper to finish!
If you are looking for an event to attend check out our web site at - registration is required but it is also FREE.

Ride safe, like everyone around you is blind and PLEASE, be respectful with your throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Keep on riding safe girl...We all look forward tou your coming back home safe and sound.