I stopped in to see Ivan at Medicine Hat Harley-Davidson - what a sweet man! I really enjoy the service I get every time I go there - the hugs are pretty terrific too!

I had stopped in to see Jayne at the Roadhouse Saloon in Rosedale on my way to Carstairs and had a great but short visit.

After 9 hours on the bike yesterday I was a hungry girl. Mike, our Southern AB Sales rep met me at McCool's in Crossfield for supper and I have to tell you I was IMPRESSED. The food was delicious! A true party in your mouth.

I had the roasted chicken - it came with corn bread, sweet potato fries, beans and veggies - the chicken was so tender it fell off the bone and it was juicy! The corn bread rivaled anything I ate in Texas and the deep south when I lived in the US...

Man oh man, if you haven't checked the place out you really should do yourself a favor!

Looking forward to making sales calls with Mike today and coaching him - it's fun teaching riders who aren't sales people how to become one!

I'll sign off for now - and no Berge - I haven't forgotten about my blogger award - I will have some time tonight to put some real thought in to the 8 blogs I have to choose to pass it on to!

Have a great day and please, Ride Safe - like everyone around you is blind and be respectful with that throttle hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I can almost taste that food. Good Luck on the calls today

  2. Thanks Berge - had great success yesterday - 4 for 4!

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