At least here in the Okanagan and in Grande Prairie!

After 20 degree temperatures here in the Okanagan for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - it is pouring rain here today! The same thing happened last week in Grande Prairie.

Both events had near perfect conditions and come Monday the weather took a dive.

I hope and pray for all the upcoming summer events and their coordinators that proves to be the case!

This has been the spring that doesn't want to arrive but finally it appears to be here!

I have a concern I would like to raise - that of drinking and riding.

One young man I met on Sunday had road rash all over his face and arms and a severely broken hand - he doesn't remember leaving the bar or the crash he only remembers the police and the hospital. His bike is toast and now so is his drivers license...
He was not alone as I know of at least one other rider who got stopped and charged with impaired.

People, I know that booze makes one feel invincible - like you are ten feet tall and bullet proof but you aren't. In the case of both riders the only ones affected were the riders but the story could have been much different!

When you go to an event PLEASE, make alternate arrangements for getting home or to your hotel - don't drink and ride - it's so costly on so many levels, your job, your life, your family and the impact on them...

One other side note - There were hundreds and hundreds of bikes at this event and only a small handful of cowboys who don't use their heads - the right hand was used rather heavily by a few who don't realize the impact that their disrespect with that right hand has. Every time I hear some one rap their pipes hard all I could think was - another nail in the coffin for our community - come on guys - please, please, please - think about someone besides yourself - you hurt all of us with that kind of behavior.

If you are riding today I pray that you will ride with respect and like everyone around you is blind! PLEASE stay safe!

Belt Drive Betty

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