Our motorcycle awareness kick off event is today at Rock City and tomorrow at Centre 2000 here in Grande Prairie.

Many riders will be coming out to sell old parts, show off their ride and reconnect with friends that they haven't seen since they put their bike to bed last fall or the last motorcycle show in January!

I am looking forward to the weekend. I live in a community that has a large number of riders. It is going to be a great day - how do I know?

Mother Nature has decided to smile on us! It's going to be 19 today and 21 tomorrow...No more whining about snow around here!

I am still wearing a perma-grin after having been out on my machine with my favorite riding partner right beside me!

My hubby got off work a couple of hours early so we went for a nice 130 km putt before our AIM-Can meeting for today's event!

Yes - riding season has finally arrive just in time for Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Ride with respect and consideration and ride safe - like everyone around you is blind!

Belt Drive Betty

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