Two mornings in a row now I have awoke to SNOW.
That awful 4 letter word that no rider wants to hear this time of the year.

At the rate things are going I will be driving my cage to Slack Alice's and that thought does not impress me much!

My new rear tire is on my bike, my trunk latch for my tour pack is here and both I and my bike are ready to go. So what gives?

Last year were out on the bikes beginning in March, this year it was mid April.

The wind is so cold that riding the highway is not so pleasurable....

Mother Nature - she's a force to be reckoned with and she can cause us untold grief...or give us untold joy. I am truly hoping the joy is just around the corner.

Stay safe and ride like everyone around you is blind.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Unfortunately that's springtime in Canada (except for the left coast folks who just get a warmer rain).
    Here (Ottawa) is was 27 and 60 km winds yesterday. 8 and a little less wind today. Tomorrow could be anything from snow to 30! Just have to pick your times I guess.