I have had some tough times and staying positive during those times has required help and education.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you will receive, energy flows where attention goes.

So how do you keep a positive attitude. How do you focus on the things you really want instead of all that bothers or worries you?

I have found the Secret CD's, the movie and various books on the Law of Attraction very helpful. Visit the Secret Site.

I found another "tool" to use in my arsenal today. Dr. Vik, the Zappos Coach.

You may have heard me speak of Tony the CEO of Zappos and the whole culture at Zappos.

The people who work there are encouraged to push the envelope, have fun and be thinkers, the boss man there says "A happy employee is a productive employee."

I want to learn how to be more lighthearted, more joyful, positive, loving and giving. I want to be kind and generous. My background taught me things that might have served me well at one time but no longer serve me today. In fact, many of the self defense mechanisms I learned have become self destructive.

So how do you turn it around? How do you learn new things that can serve you better during your worst of times? Practice. Like any skill we learn, turning around the way you think is accomplished by doing.

Dr. Vik says:

Usually, nothing comes today...

But today.

And that's the very reason we need to keep at it - for the things we

We like to call it - "Focus - Time - Repetition".

"Focus" on what we want, give it "Time", and with "Repetition" - we can
achieve anything.

Want a better body? Great - "Focus" on what will make it better, give it
'Time" and then "Repeat".

The same is true for anything in our lives, business or personal.

Yours in "Focus - Time - Repetition" - Coach

His blog can be seen here:Zappos Coach

The power of positive thinking...the power of love - changes you profoundly!

I am doing one other proactive thing in this retraining of my brain.

I am feeding my body better. Just like feeding your brain with healthy information, feeding your body allows you to grow, evolve and change faster, easier.
I take Mila from Lifemax. I can not tell you what this stuff has done for me!

The benefits I have received from this stuff, the pain relief, the good sound sleeps I now enjoy...

Feed the body and the mind - the soul with flourish.

If you are riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you!

Belt Drive Betty

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