I made it home after a wet and soggy ride from New Norway.

I had attended the Steel Horse Bar & Grill's Support Our Troops event and headed out in mist that turned to rain. There were tons of motorcycles on the road. I met 4 guys from Rocky Mountain House in Calmar who were heading home from the Heritage Harley-Davidson Cancer Ride. I also met a couple of gents from Montana - they were in Valleyview fueling up and drying off on their way to Alaska.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of riders who are not made out of sugar!
I can not begin to tell you how often I dropped my hand into a wave yesterday but it was a lot.

When I got up this morning to start working on the news feeds and to check my emails I came across an anonymous comment from my blogger alerts.

It involved a comment on my blog the other day where in I said I stopped in at the V-Twin Diner.

I personally feel that if you are going to malign someone, you should have the guts to put your name to the complaint.

This person stated that the V-Twin Diner had "Super bad service and it's dirty".
Now this "chicken shit" whoever it is - is either a disgruntled employee or something worse.

I ate there the other night. The bathrooms were so clean you could eat off of the floor as was the rest of the place. As far as the service goes, the waitress who served me was not the most experienced one, but she was truly thoughtful, polite and decent - no fireball, but decent.

I really resent people who hide behind the status of anonymous. It's a personal thing. The only reason you would hide behind the status of anonymous to my way of thinking is if you don't want the person you are maligning to know where it comes from because you don't want to get sued. If what you are saying is true - you should have NO problem putting your name to it.
Being man or woman enough to put your name to a complaint that you write is not only the "Biker" way - it's just plain smart if you want your complaint to really carry any weight.

To the Anonymous person who wrote the complaint about the V-Twin Family Diner - step up and be a man/woman and sign your name to it - otherwise, shut up!

The news feeds from the main stream media really frustrate me some days.

90% of what they contain are accidents - and while it is important information, what gets me is that every weekend there are literally dozens of events - out of 30 news alerts only 3 dealt with the charitable events and the good work that goes on in our community.

Our Newspaper, The Busted Knuckle Chronicles, focuses on the stories that the main stream media ignores. If you haven't read the "Knuckle" before, look for it at one of your favorite events this summer or at any of our partners businesses - many of them get the paper and are outlets where you can get a copy. The paper truly celebrates the Canadian Motorcycle Community, our events and the businesses and individuals that serve our community. You can read past issues to get a feel for the paper and if you enjoy it - it is only $15.70 a year to subscribe. Check it out at

Layton's progress has been two steps forward and one step back. Our friend and humor columnist has, as his wife Myrna describes it, been on a roller coaster of recovery.
You can follow his progress at: Back Road Scholar

Hubby goes for his MRI today, hopefully at his appointment later this week we will get some more answers. In the meantime we are on our own roller coaster ride in this house.

I hope all of the fathers out there had a great father's day and that their kids all called them - collect of course - LOL!

If you are riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and please use respect with that throttle hand.

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