If you are planning to attend Atlanticade in Moncton - BEWARE - if you are running pipes that produce excessive noise the powers that be are thinking of testing and ticketing! And this is becoming a common theme amongst those who do not like motorcycle noise.

I ask repeatedly for people to ride with respect with that throttle hand but as we all know - those who feel the need to show off and attention seek really don't care what you or I or any one else for that matter really thinks. For those who just love the sound of their pipes and are not putting them on their machines for any other reason than the sound they like - they do tend to be respectful.

When you are visiting another city, another are an ambassador for the rest of us. Please don't be asses. Please use your head and think beyond your own personal gratification...

I know this diatribe is probably falling on deaf ears and that for others who read this that I am preaching to the choir - those who already get it.

I wished there was an effective way to get people to lighten & brighten up and quit making heat scores for the rest of us to have to muddle through. You annoy me highly when I get pulled over to be tested just because I ride a bike. Mine is completely stock - there is NO reason for my bike to have to go through decibel testing - NONE. The only reason it happens is because of the cowboys....

Please ride safe today, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE - use that muscle between your ears and be respectful with your throttle hand....

Belt Drive Betty

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