Today's news feeds for motorcycling in Canada are very busy.
The main stream medias and our own motorcycle groups and businesses have lots to report.

Did you know we carry the news feeds nationally and PROVINCIALLY? Well we do!

Here is the link to our daily feeds - NEWS

The URL will change once Ali is ready for us to go live on the new server but I thought you might find some of your more local news handy.

We have, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 - 20K pages of information, videos, events, stories etc for you to look through!

One of the press releases that caught my interest today, involves a very intriguing motorcycle security add on - GPS Tracking with the ability to contact 9-11 in the event of an accident. Read about it here: Health & Technology

I got my Ride like a Pro DVD and have finally had a chance to watch it - OMG - is that ever a fabulous DVD - I can't wait to get started practicing the techniques...

Layton is doing much better - our humor columnist is apparently supplying laughter as his own best medicine! Catch up on his condition here: Back Roads Scholar

Hubby is on massive doses of steroids - 26 pills a day right now, he starts cutting that number down today, and will be on a reducing dosage for about 2 weeks. For those unfamiliar with steroid treatments like Prednisone - they produce some pretty emotional highs and lows and it is really rough to deal with for everyone around the person on them but we are getting by. Like Layton, we are using laughter whenever we can...

I hope your day is successful and happy.

Please ride like everyone around you is blind, stay hydrated and please use respect with your throttle hand - more communities than ever are cracking down on excessive noise!

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