Our friend and columnist, Layton Park is back on the ventilator, it appears he has pneumonia and he is now heavily sedated. The down turn happened a couple of days ago and I missed reading that post from Myrna. Layton has strong support and this turn seems to be very typical of the types of injuries he has but none the less I am asking for everyone to say a prayer for him and all the people he loves.

Hubby is going through his emotional roller coaster with the steroids but he is starting to be able to feel his toes again so that's a good sign.
When we are given challenges like these in our lives we need to hold on to possibility, gratitude and love. Laughter is the best medicine - laughing feels good.
Hubby and I have been watching comedies and staying strong because of the great friends and family network we have.

On the motorcycle news front I read about a young man who died on his 750 Suzuki when he plowed in to the back end of an SUV in Prince George. The family is starting a bursary in his memory and are lobbying the government for mandatory motorcycle training.

The daily news feeds from the main stream media's are many riders being killed and injured and many of the accidents are ones that are preventable.

I hope and pray that all of you who ride see the value in training.

Please, ride safe out there, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - stay hydrated and PLEASE, be respectful with your throttle hand.

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