So, the sun is out here in the north Peace after a few really cool, overcast trying to rain kind of days.

I feel better than I have for days - besides hurting myself when I slipped last week, I had a flu bug or something that had me feeling off for a few days, but today I feel like I can tackle the world - so...

Flo sent me a copy of the Ride like a Pro DVD, and I am impressed with what I have seen. I am going out today to buy some tennis balls, going to take off my saddle bags and put some foam on my crash bars and hit the parking lot! (If you decide to order one - tell Jerry- Belt Drive Betty sent you and save $5)

I have watched Flo progress from a timid, unsure rider (like we all are when we first start out) into this absolutely polished, powerful and confident rider - my goal is to look and feel as confident on my machine.

I'm an OK rider, I am no fireball that's for sure. I am reasonably confident, I am very hyper aware, especially in town...but the extreme confidence that Flo exhibits - I want to feel that - be that.

I look very forward to some one on one time in the parking lot with my machine...

In other news Layton - our Back Road Scholar who went down in Ely Nevada in June is doing much better. He was pretty busted up and is now in Kelowna General's ICU...
His wife, Myrna is keeping us all updated until our mouthy funny guy can do it for himself. According to Myrna, his sense of humor is still very much intact!

Hubby's MRI results are in and it's not good. The lesions in his brain and spine are much bigger than the last one he had over 7 1/2 years ago. He can't sleep, he says it feels like his skin is crawling and his feet are still numb. He's learning how to get around better's still scary - he starts the day out not feeling too bad but a couple of hours in he looks like someone drug him through a knothole backwards... I know that this too shall pass, I hope sooner than later. It hurts my heart seeing him this way. He looks old before his time...what a horrible and vicious disease.

I hope and pray that if you are riding today that you will ride like everyone around you is blind, stay hydrated and be respectful with that throttle hand...

Belt Drive Betty

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