Under the guise of July being Motorcycle Safety Month, the RCMP here in Alberta are giving you a warning - they don't say it in the press release that I can tell, it's not written anywhere that I can find - but be prepared, if you ride a motorcycle YOU will be stopped, jacked up - whatever you want to call it! It is what has happened in the past and I don't believe it will change any time soon.

"July is Motorcycle Safety Month, and Alberta RCMP will be teaming up with enforcement partners to reduce motorcycle collisions this summer.
Although speed and alcohol are often behind motorcycle collisions, driver inexperience is also a major factor. The RCMP stress that it’s extremely important for new and returning drivers to develop their safe operation skills, especially after a long winter. This may include driver training courses, using bikes that are suitable for their skill level and wearing proper safety gear."

Remember the provincial Motorcycle Awareness campaign month is MAY...???
The goal they claim is to reduce motorcycle collisions - Maybe to some degree, they do have radio ads and newspaper ads to that effect but...

In my humble opinion, the RCMP are setting aside the month of July again to ensure helmets, pipes, handlebars, lights, plates etc are up to snuff. So be prepared, if you aren't wearing a DOT helmet, if your pipes are too loud, if your plate is not attached to the bike as prescribed by law, if your handle bars are too high, YOU WILL find yourself the target of enforcement services in this province.

Maybe my interpretation of what I read in the article is wrong. Maybe they really do only want to reduce fatalities - but, the RCMP are not in a position to tell you if you can handle your machine, there are no mandatory courses to take - only voluntary - and how do they know if your gear is, you tell me - what are they doing by declaring July Motorcycle Safety Month?

I shake my head at what I view as the lame attempt to hide the full measure of what they are up to. Why don't they just tell it like it is?

Maybe, just maybe I am wrong - wouldn't that be nice if I was!

I hope you have a wonderful day today and please, if you are riding today, ride like everyone around you is blind, stay hydrated, be respectful with that throttle hand and don't do anything that gives the RCMP or other police services any reason to stop you...

Belt Drive Betty

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