How many of you who read this blog know and understand what the BDB Club is?

Many think it stands for the Belt Drive Betty Club - if that's what you think, you'd be wrong.

The BDB Club (Bikers Discount Buying Club) - for riders its is a savings club - a way to discover rider friendly/rider owned businesses you might not other wise give a second thought to.

For rider owned & friendly businesses the BDB Club/Assoc (Bikers Doing Business Club/Association) is a way to market, network and promote their businesses.

When I first started the newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles, I discovered a certain lacking in the ability to market and promote businesses that are run/owned by riders - there was no forum, no way for them to reach out to us, their consumer, other than through their local newspapers and radio stations.

A rider might miss out on the opportunity to find that little out of the way bed and breakfast or great pub, campground or shop that a fellow rider owns.

On the day to day scene, we all need accountants, electronics, and other goods and services that do not involve our riding lives, but impact our daily lives.

Doing business with others of like mind generally makes for a much more pleasurable transaction. Sharing a passion takes the commercial transaction to a new level and often you discover valuable information on the local riding scene of the town you are in and often, you become friends with that business owner.

Examine your own experiences over this riding season...
Look at your day to day life...

In my riding life, I prefer to stay at a rider owned hotel/motel like the Dunvegan Inn & Suites where the staff of the Hotel truly get what being rider friendly means. The owners both ride and are very active in their local community, I however did not know that until I approached them to become involve with the BDB Club and Mighty Peace Tourism's Motorcycle Initiative.

I prefer to eat at an establishment like McCool's in Crossfield or the SirDar Grill & Pub in SirDar BC...both rider owned.

In my business life, I use a printer who rides, a web mistress who rides and an accountant who used to ride.

In my day to day life, I buy my consumer goods at businesses who are either rider owned or have employees who ride. Example: There are three post offices on my side of town here in Grande Prairie. I almost always go the one that is farthest away, up by the WalMart - why? because the one gal there rides and we always have a great "visit" while she is taking care of my shipping needs.

We are gearing up to produce the 2010 Rider Friendly phone book, for your desk or saddlebags, for your GPS Unit or your mobile phone... the 2010 Phone book is going to be available in 4 formats this year...

The BDB Club helps riders get the best bang for their buck, helps event coordinators find vendors for their events and helps businesses get the exposure to the riding community they need.

It helps the local and the tourist...

For information on joining the BDB Club for Business, drop me a line ( and I can send you the information. It's affordable and effective!

To join the BDB Club for Riders, sign up for free membership on
Under the Business Link you will find the Rider Friendly Directory & Your personal download able savings card. The card is currently good at over 150 locations and growing!

I want to welcome our newest BDB Club Business partners:

The Bellvue Inn - Crowsnest Pass AB
The Dominion Hotel - Carstairs AB
Paradise RV - Grande Prairie, Red Deer & Leduc

I look forward to growing this network and having the rider community and its businesses flourish...building a strong sense of community - together!
If you are riding today, please take a walk around that Iron Steed of yours, stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you and use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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