There's a ton of information on our web site and I don't know how many of you go through all of the tabs but I thought today I would give you a sample of what I read and put in the news feeds every day.

In British Columbia:

The RCMP caught a lucky break in catching a motorcycle thief - A deer side lined the thief for them!!!

In Alberta:

Red Deer residents Henry Meinema and his wife Valerie were involved in an accident with their Bike & Side Car. Henry died as a result and Valerie is in Foothills hospital fighting for her life.

In Manitoba:

A man is dead after a collision between a northbound motorcycle and an eastbound pick-up truck at the intersection of Highway 205 and 216 south of Grunthal, Manitoba. (Scroll down to read the article)

In Ontario:

Two dudes who decided to flip the OPP the bird while racing their motorcycles had them seized and have been charged with dangerous driving.

There were serious motorcycle crashes in both Brampton & Waterloo

In Quebec:

A woman is in hospital with life threatening injuries after an accident in Bristol (scroll down to read the article)

In New Brunswick:

Grande Falls police are investigating the cause of a bike & side car accident that left a man in serious condition

In International Business News:

Big Dog was awarded the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate

We hand select the main news feed articles to ensure that we do not end up with stories from other communities like mountain bikers that really have no bearing on the motorcycle community.

But did you know, that if you are a member of Belt Drive Betty dot Com, you can also submit news to our site? You can. Pretty much every page now has a" submit your..."link. And once you have saved the article you can share it to:Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Google - there's quite a list of social networks available for sharing. So - you can have the benefit of typing the article once, and get the exposure to our membership and your social network/'s a time saver that I am sure learning to appreciate.

Don't get me wrong, the mainstream news is important, however the community driven news is more relevant and important to most of us here.

I want to know about your events and their successes and challenges regardless of the province you are from because there may be valuable lessons to be learned.

I want to know about the community volunteer or business who went above and beyond as it will inspire me and others.

I want to know about the great businesses that serve this community so that when I plan a holiday or road trip I can include them in my list of places to go and people to see.

I want to know your favorite local day ride so that when I come your way I can ride like a local.

So, if you are active with other social networks and you want to save some time and promote your group, your community, your events in a broader way, why not submit and article to Belt Drive Betty dot Com and share it - accomplish more in less time so you have more time for riding!

You will note that we are changing the way the news appears in the various categories - Although we loved the blocked look, some provinces have so much news that it was difficult to display it all and allow it to be search able the way we wanted it so we are slowly changing the display on all pages. The change means no more scrolling down to read an article! Yah!

If you are a fortunate soul who is riding today, PLEASE - take a walk around that iron steed, stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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