I am getting files copied and paperwork together so I can hit the road.
I have meetings today and tomorrow in Edmonton and Toefield and then on Saturday I get to do what I live for - ride with my friends!

Our BDB Club Partners Customer Appreciation Ride takes place on Saturday. You can either meet up with friends at Insane Customs or Time Machine in Edmonton, The Walking Eagle in Rocky, Handle Bar Hideout in Sylvan or Rose's Front Room in Blackfalds and ride to Thorsby and the Kountry Kitchen Bakery. Or Just come to Thorsby between 10 am and noon.

We'll head to Drayton Valley & The V-Twin Family Diner's Show 'n' Shine - there will be a ton of vendors, wonderful prizes to be should be a great time - oh and did I mention the ride is FREE!!!! Many won't be able to come as they will be attending Bling's memorial in Red Deer, but there are a number of people slated to be joining us and for that I am grateful.

Sunday I will be attending the Whitecourt Toy Run - if anyone wants to join me everyone meets at the IGA parking lot for noon.

Besides the riding I think that's the best thing about my job - the friends I have made.

I want to share with you the video we made for Mighty Peace Tourism...

My hubby is going to be attempting to go back to work next week on a special program that will see him work 3 half days for the next while and then they will reassess where he's at and if it looks good they'll boost him to 4 half days and so on. He is sure looking forward to it. He's been pretty restless. I personally feel he's pushing himself too hard but...he says he needs to know what he can and can't do. He still looses his balance if he gets too tired so I can imagine we'll be in for a few interesting challenges over the next few weeks and months ahead...

So this morning as I pack up the bike I am sitting here and thinking that although my days have been like roller coasters of late and I have, like many, been saddened and sobered by all of the death and carnage our community has endured this year - what a lucky woman I am.

About 800 Kilometers is on the agenda today! I look forward to my ride through Valleyview, Fox Creek, Whitecourt, Drayton, Rocky, Sylvan Lake and Blackfalds today before I get in to Leduc and Sandra & Doug's place.

The weather is going to be fantastic and my soul needs this ride as much as it needed last weeks ride to High Level.

Yes the weather has been strange and things have been decidedly rough with the economy making things tough for me and all of our partners on the financial front but if all goes well we'll start seeing all of that turn around shortly.

As the Smither's Harley-Davidson ad in our paper says - "Screw it" Let's RIDE!

What a great philosophy to live by!

If you are like me and fortunate to be riding today, please take a walk around that Iron steed before you jump on. Stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you and PLEASE, use respect with that right hand.

I may or may not be around on my blog or on Face Book and Twitter for the next few days...

We'll see.

Belt Drive Betty

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