Is there anyone within this blog's circle of influence that would like to work remotely with me?

A large amount of what we do at is non profit work.
We help the motorcycle community to market itself to each other.

We are a clearinghouse of information - a networking tool and a place to celebrate being a Canadian Motorcyclist.

We are setting up a brand new event management system for our site and we will need:

Event Calendar Manager - Volunteer Position - Your job is to ensure that all of the event information we have is absolutely accurate. Helping riding clubs and charities that host motorcycle events get the exposure and publicity they need to be successful.

Riding Club Event Calendar Manager - Volunteer Position - Your job is to ensure that our events calendars have YOUR riding club information in them! We carry the information for all 10 provinces and the territories...we carry information for any riding club who wants to either grow its membership or promote its events and communities.

Data Entry Clerk - Paid Position - I have a number of basic data entry jobs that need to be completed. You need strong computer skills, attention to detail, strong spelling and typing skills.

Electronic Marketing -Commission Position - I need someone to help me monetize our web site and to obtain back links.

Bloggers- Do you have a blog specific to motorcycles/motorcycling in Canada?
If so, I would like to link to you. Send me your information so we can get 'hooked' up.
In particular I am looking for riders who camp, and tourism related blogs.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for our website, our newspaper or our on line tools and services, please drop me a line.

We are always looking for ways to improve what we do and what we deliver.

So tell us, what can we do for you?

If you are riding today, PLEASE - stay safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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