Today we say good bye to Ray Seely.

Ray was killed when a vehicle crossed the centre line, struck a pick up and bounced and hit Ray, just narrowly missing his riding partner ahead of him.

This morning, there is an article in the news feeds where in an 18 year old rider was killed when a young woman failed to stop at a stop sign.

We have all had to say good bye to members of our community who have died as a result of a motorcycle accident. It hurts. Saying good bye is never easy.

There isn't a rider out there that doesn't look at their own mortality when they hear that a fellow rider has gone down.

In many families there are non riders who would prefer that riders not ride. They are scared of the risks, hence why they don't ride. Hence why they would rather you hang up your helmet.

The sad fact is, every day here in Canada and in motorcycle communities right around the world, we loose members of our community primarily due to careless/inexperienced driving, either on the part of the rider, or the auto driver.

Both of the riders above would probably be sharing breakfast with their families today had the automobile drivers in question been more attentive. Not enough drivers give the respect due to the 2,000+ lbs vehicle they are in command of. A vehicle driven in a reckless or careless fashion is a weapon that can kill, just as surely as a gun.

I do not know why the driver in Ray's incident crossed the centre line. Tired? Drunk? Having a heart attack...if either of the first two are involved - that would be careless driving.

I also don't know why the young gal in the second incident failed to stop at a stop sign. Was she texting? On her cell, doing her makeup? Did she look down for a second?

Most people who ride motorcycles also drive vehicles. Have you ever gotten in your car and used your cell phone? I know I have. (It is a practice that I have stopped, but I have in the past been guilty and lucky.)

Now a days, when I am in vehicles with my riding friends in particular and their phones ring, I do my best to snap it up before they can and answer for them and relay messages.

I get some pretty surprised looks let me tell you, but I tell them right straight - have you ever bitched about drivers on their cells when you are on your bike?

I ask them, how would you feel if you wiped out a fellow rider because you were on your cell?
How can you complain about the practice if you yourself are guilty of it?

How can we get motorists to take safety seriously if you as rider & motorist won't....

Today's question is this:

What "Activity" or "Busy-ness" are you guilty of partaking in, in your vehicle, that you detest in others when you are on your motorcycle?

Here are some suggestions:
Eat and drink beverages?
Change CD's?
Use your cell?
Read a map?
Read a book?
Scold a child - and take your eyes off the road?
Have road rage?
Tail Gate?
Weave in and out of traffic?
Changed clothes?
Had sex?

For the ladies:
Have you ever done your make up while driving?

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If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please take a walk around that iron steed, stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind, and PLEASE, use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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