This long weekend has proved to be a very tragic one and we still have today to go.

It's sad and scary to see the number of riders that have been killed or injured.
The news feeds are just LOADED with death after death and injury accidents.

A good number of these accidents appear, at least from the news feeds to be rider error. Riding too fast in corners, not enough experience or training.

The rest are drivers making left hand turns.

HOW do we get the message out to riders to get additional training and how do we get the message across to motorists?

Shaun de Jager of has some very important tips for riders on the Riders Info page on his site.

Every piece of advice he offers is valid and TIMELY!

Total Control Motorcycle Training by Lee Parks is being brought to Canada by Nancy Mayer of Tech Sox. She is finishing her instructors course and says that "I have been riding for 20 years and the training I got as an instructor has forever changed riding for me and for the better!"
Nancy lives in Toronto.

On Vancouver Island, Flo Fuhr is bringing the Ride Like a Pro course to Canada. Jerry Motorman Palladino has trained Flo and she is currently training 4 people to be a part of her team. Taking advanced rider training is one of the most important things a rider can do for themselves as part of their life long learning program. Ride like a Pro DVD's can be purchased from Jerry "Motorman" Palladino on his web site. Tell him I sent you and get $5 off the cost.

In other news, our new community cook book is now live.
You will find it under Lifestyles - Food

Share your favorite recipe by adding it to our community cook book.
I know that I am always on the hunt for great recipes - there's nothing I like better than good food, unless of course it's being on the highway on my bike.

For those using IE 6 or 7 on our site, if you were experiencing fatal errors that would not allow your browser to open, Ali has found the offending component and removed it from the site.

Apparently in her excitement over the new component that allowed us to see who was on line with their avatars showing she forgot to test it in IE.

If you are still using Internet Explorer - you might want to consider either adding a secondary browser like Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox or get rid of Explorer all together.
IE has so many problems and even their new release - IE 8 has some fatal flaws.

Anyway, cross testing in all of the browsers now shows there should be no more crashing for those of you still using Internet Explorer.

The newly revamped site is busy, this morning when I started work there were 98 visitors on line and as I write this there are 104!

Google has been crawling our new site steadily and we are finally seeing Yahoo, MSN and Baidu crawling it as well. Our search engine rankings are improving again and that makes me a happy gal!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please, take a walk around your iron steed before you get on, ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE, use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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