Today is our 30th Toy Run in Grande Prairie.
How many of you attend toy runs? Why are they important to you?
For me it is a pay it forward thing. 21 years ago my daughter had a Christmas thanks to the motorcycle community and I have done my best to pay it forward every year.

I hope that you will share in the good feelings going on a toy run parade fill you with.

In the news today there is more death and more injury in our community. It breaks my heart. Two accidents in the mainstream news feeds from BC - one rider dead another in hospital. Also from the main stream news feeds a rider in New Brunswick was sent to hospital.

The Hells Angel have been making the headlines in BC again. It appears that they are now being linked to a whole host of puppet clubs and a murder on the lower mainland.

I am starting a new contest:

I want you to submit an original video - 30 seconds long on the following topics:
  • Rider Training and why it is important.
  • Driver Awareness
  • Sharing the road with motorcycles.

The winning videos will be played on every web site we can get to play them.
Including but not limited to the AIM-Can's National site, Belt Drive Betty dot Com, Peace Country Chapter of AIM-Can....

We will also be submitting them as commercials known as Public Service Announcements for the 2010 riding season to every TV station - we'll see who takes them seriously.

I have created new play lists in our video section on
You can either load them to you tubs and then submit the link right on our site or you can upload them to our site directly.

This contest will officially begin today and run until January 31st, 2010.
We will let everyone vote on them and the ones with the most votes will be submitted for air time with full credits to the producers.

If you are riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - AIM-Can
Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists

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