Quiet motorcycles, low and no emissions. NO/LOW NOISE.

This is the future of the motorcycle and whether we old dinosaurs embrace them or not, electric and hybrid motorcycles are here to stay, that is until the next advancement relegates them to the bone yard they way our machines will be.

Out of the Tokyo Motorcycle Show comes the new Yamaha Hybrid preview:
It won't matter how much you turn the sound up, you aren't going to hear much.
But watch - it is impressive and informative and it IS our future.

I know a lot will scoff and make fun but just this week a fully electric motorcycle set a land speed record at Bonneville.

I for one will miss the day when the rumble of a well tuned engine and pipe combination no longer fill the air when I am riding. I know that my ears will never get used the high pitch whine that these new breed of motorcycles produce.

Young people 20 years from now will look at the motorcycles we dinosaurs once rode and they will laugh and wonder how we could put up with them, the noise the lack of sophistication and engineering.  20 years from now when we are in old folks homes and using walkers, young motorcyclists will feel that way about us and our machines - we did with our parents machines and technology.

Companies like Harley-Davidson, Victory and all of the British and Asian manufacturers will end up coming on line. Eventually they will have NO choice.

As we move to protect our environment from both air and noise pollution, governments will start either offering such attractive incentives for these electric machines to become the norm that most manufacturers will be enticed to get rid of their loud gas engined relics and when that doesn't work the government will just create a law that will force them to.

Get used to it - it's the way we are headed and no matter how much you balk at it, no matter how much you may hate might as well embrace the new, quieter machines because no matter how much you fight it - they are here to stay.

They are proving themselves at motor cross races, the Salt Flats and at drag strips right around the world. The performance riders are loving the handling, the responsiveness and the speed and while there may be a lot of development and fine tuning to do to make them the norm - make no mistake...

The future DOES NOT HOLD Loud I and many others before me have predicted - loud pipes will be legislated out of existence and the only places you will find gas powered, loud piped motorcycles will be in museums and in parades bearing antique license plates and of course the garages of collectors world wide.

Enjoy the safety of your loud pipes while you can - it won't be all that many years before they are gone - if not for good - for sure they will be the minority and the oddity.
Our motorcycles of today, well, they will be the equivalent of the 72 Challenger 440 CID Six-Pack, balanced and blue printed machines that we drool over today but seldom see around much.

If you are riding today, please...Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP AIM-Can

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  1. That IS impressive. And while I don't expect one to be replacing my H-D any time soon, you're right - they (or a variant) are the future.