Cycle Canada is reporting that Yamaha is bleeding so much red ink that their President is handing over the reins to the Chairman. Apparently their losses for 2009 are going to be around 2.1 Billion dollars US.

I am unclear how changing the upper echelon yet leaving the same people at the table will change the ebb of money - that remains to be seen.

And Harley has quashed the hopes and dreams of Buell riders everywhere.

According to reports from the various news sources like Cycle Canada, that a group of private people wanted to buy Buell. In an announcement, H-D's spokeswoman Pat Sweeney said H-D will NOT sell Buell to anyone. "We chose not to sell Buell, and simply end production, simply because of the interdependencies that exist between Buell and Harley-Davidson. That is the decision we made, and that is not a reversible decision."

Hmmm,  I have, over the years seen big companies get dismantled and sold. Big companies with intricate interdependence makes me wonder about what else might be going on that we the general public won't hear about for months. If money is really an issue, why would you not want to sell? It appears to me that something else is in the works here.

Not much else in the news really worth noting so far today. The Hell's Angels/Bandido's jury will be deliberating - when we hear of the verdicts we'll let you know.

Until tomorrow, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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