The month of May has been designated as Women Rider's Month by Harley-Davidson and on the 22/23rd of May they have a big weekend planned for the ladies which includes meeting Karen Davidson.  I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at the Toronto Super Show a few years back - she is a sweetheart!

Indian is sure getting the press these days, the Anchor of ABC's Good Morning America, Bill Weir is going to be riding the Dragon on an Indian!

A local store owner from her in Grande Prairie sent in a bit of a rant on Sears moving their call centers to the Philippines and has got a very valid point about who we should be supporting.

If you don't buy Canadian and in Canada you are not supporting our job market or our economy - so remember that the next time you go to buy outside of Canada and ask yourself - whose job did I just cause to get cut? It could be your own....

If you are lucky enough to be riding, (You dog you - and I do mean anyone who lives where they can ride - we have had snow for over a week) Please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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