Well gang, we are three days away.
On January 1st you will be able to enter your motorcycle into our on line show n shine - up to 10 photos per bike and YES it really needs to be your own bike - PLEASE - you can enter a bike for a friend who is without a computer/computer access but you must supply us with their contact information!
We have prizes from pretty much coast to coast.
I am waiting to hear from the Pig 'n' Fin on Vancouver Island, Atlanticade in St Andrews NB and the River Rat Rally in Gananoque ON. The only province/territories we don't have prizes from is the NWT, YT, Newfoundland , PEI and Manitoba from what I can see...I am humbled by the response so far!
Anyhow - Ali is working her fingers off ... January 1st is the date!
Voting on the bikes will begin February 1st so make sure you get your bikes in January and then get your friends to come and vote for your bikes! And Please, don't wait until the 29th and crash our server like happened last year - we give you a month to enter so that our server doesn't get over loaded!

There was nothing of real note in the news today so no serious or heavy discussions.
5 months of bank statement reconciliations to complete today and I should finally for the first time in 4 years - actually be caught up on most stuff and working to move things forward instead of always playing catch up. That will make 2010 a banner year for me - not playing catch up - what a CONCEPT! YEE HAW!
As I reflect on the last few years and see how far I have come, the things that I have over come and learned, the things I have lived through and I surprise even me!

2 computer crashes, re doing my books from scratch not once but twice - once because the accountant's copy and mine wouldn't merge and the other because of a computer crash.
The crap in GP over the bike show, the crap in Wembley over the bike show and the crap in Olds over the bike show... My husband being diagnosed with MS, becoming a non smoker after 38 years - a warning to Champix users - while they sure helped me to quit smoking they also caused a bit of a - for the lack of a better term - "mini nervous break down" or "depression" or some such stuff as I had a few experiences that I would not normally have and did do a few things that I would not normally do - whatever it was it was weird and I am glad to be over it!. Almost three months as a non smoker now! The challenges I faced when borrowing a bike and the attacks against me and my business over it. 

Yup, it's been an interesting and character building time.
I guess that is the one most amazing thing about life, nothing is static, it moves, shifts and changes steadily! I feel so much more in control of me, my emotions and my dreams & goals - I did not know it was possible to feel this way. I am grateful for the learning that has taken place and the learning yet to come. Embracing change instead of fearing it - that is sooo liberating!

If you are a fortunate and blessed human being to live in a warm climate where you are riding, please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. If you are like me and living where it's cold and crappy - stay in and stay warm...

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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