So, I am on pins and needles wondering how everyone is going to feel about the new look of the paper. Many of you should be opening them now....

I personally, am thrilled, I think it is far easier to read and enjoy - and it's printable right there on your home or small office printer.

I am trying something else that's new - because we are converting so many of our print subscribers over to the electronic paper, we decided to chop the paper into sections for our dial up friends to see how that would work for down loading. It is my hope that it works pretty good for them - again, I can't wait for your feedback!
If you are on high speed you can download your whole paper like normal - if you are on dial up, you can select the sections or down load it all by section - your choice.

If you like this format and are agreeable - I have even figured out how to embed web site links into our advertisers ads! The only thing is that when you click on the ad to go to the web site this little pop up comes up telling you that the document is trying to open a web site link - if you want to go to the site you click OK and if not, you click no. I didn't want to do that yet and freak out those who are not yet comfortable with the internet.

I didn't want to do what I usually do - which is to overwhelm everyone with a whole ton of new stuff all at once! So we'll wait for some feedback from you guys and dolls today...

I am SOOOO tickled pink with our 2010 Show 'n' Shine.

The prize line up looks like this so far...
(And believe me folks we aren't even close to being done!):

Event Tickets:
Wharf Rat Rally - Digby Nova Scotia
River Rat Rally - Gananoque ON
Thousand Islands Foundation for the Performing Arts - Gananoque ON
Heartland Bash - Wostock AB
Toad Rock Rally - Nelson/Balfour BC
Kooteney Gut Buster - Nelson/Balfour BC
Horse Thief Hideout - Invermere BC
Birkenstock - Whistler BC

Other Phenomenal Prizes being supplied by:
FYTNESS FANATIK - Only the BEST Fytness Magazine on the planet!

MotoRescue - Canada's First 24 Hr Road Side Assistance Program for Motorcycles - Home Office Toronto ON

Loving Hands Family Restaurant - Kerrobert SK - home of incredible mushroom soup and other delectables!
Bandit Art Freehand Engraving - Edmonton AB
LP Custom Embroidery - Montreal PQ

Gypsy Art - Edmonton AB
Author Jim Victor's Book - Pulling your Tail
Tranquility Therapeutic Massage - Carstairs AB
Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Assoc.- Grande Prairie AB

Mighty Peace Tourist Assoc.- Berwyn AB

Chromedreams Motorcycle Appraisals - Delta BC
Wild Horse Leather Works - Stony Plain AB
Dr Skinstitcher - Bentley AB
Native Arts Tattoo - Red Deer AB
Insane Customs - Edmonton AB
Adelle Lauden - Author - ON

If you are an advertiser who is looking for a little extra exposure in these weird economic times - how about supplying a prize for our show 'n' shine or our New BDB Rewards Centre?

I am so excited! I can't wait to see everyone's bikes -if all goes well we will have prizes from just about every province! We might even be able to give out first and second prizes this year...Yes, exciting stuff!

In the news today it appears that two members of the Hells Angels got an early Christmas present. They won't be being tried for assault as the victim says he has nothing to say. The victim is in contempt of court...

Suzuki sold 20% of it's company to VW.   It will be interesting to see what happens with this merging as they will be able to share so many technologies.

The Wharf Rat Rally in Digby Nova Scotia won the Ambassadors Award from Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia - Please note - we are giving away tickets to this events special functions as part of our show "n" shine this year!!!!

If you are fortunate enough to live where you can be out riding - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you! If not and you live in Ontario - go kick some tires at the Toronto Motorcycle Show - it will help with that PMS - I promise...
(PMS = Parked Motorcycle Syndrome for those of you not familiar with the term)

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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