What does a business being Rider Friendly mean to you?

Part of the overhaul of what we do at Belt Drive Betty is putting together a training course for: Hotel, motel, campground and B & B operators, Gas Stations and Restaurants/Pubs and Bars on how to be “Rider Friendly”.

Part one is to actually create and teach a course to management and front end staff and part two is about “Phantom Shopping” these places to measure how well they do after they are trained.

We have not yet worked out the details to this rather interesting customer service program that would become a key feature of the Rider Friendly Business Association and the BDB Club for Riders.

I would love some feedback from you the riders to incorporate into our training program.

1: What one thing would you appreciate the most in a customer service experience at a hotel or motel?

2: If you are not pressed for time (it’s not too late at night etc) what is the BIGGEST deciding factor in choosing a hotel/motel to stay at?

Signage, parking lot appearance…what makes you decide to turn in?

3: What one thing pisses you off the most when you are at a hotel or motel?

4: Can you describe what a good customer experience should look or feel like to you?

As we build this program we are going to be coming to you guys and dolls to get advice, guidance – why? Even though I am a rider, mine is only one opinion and I want this program to improve customer service in a really large way. One person’s point of view will not be enough to impact the task at hand.

After we get done with this, our pilot project and we have worked the kinks out and fine tuned it, we will then be going to other provinces and jurisdictions to roll the program out.

We will be looking for phantom/mystery shoppers – we haven’t decided exactly what the program will look like but basically members of the BDB Club will be invited to become phantom shoppers, you will be given a list of objectives and a short report to fill out on your experience – you will be compensated for your efforts – again, we are unsure of what that will look like but we are thinking free meals and rooms, maybe gifts – we’ll see.

We have to talk to the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association as well as Travel Alberta and other stake holders – but I think, finally – we are heading towards a time in the very near future where Alberta’s and perhaps all of Canada’s hospitality industry will become more rider friendly and provide improved customer service – period!

In the news today: what is being dubbed as the MOST Important Honda motorcycle to ever be unveiled  is this: the new CB Twister – a 9bhp, 186mpg 110cc that was unveiled in India yesterday. You sport bike guys/gals- I'd be interested in you impressions of this machine...

Harley is recalling over 100,000 motorcycles!

OUCH - that's gonna cost a  pretty penny. There are two articles on the recall:  (Powersport Business is the source of this one)

The other:

It does appear to be a simple fix - however it will still end up looking like a $40 repair on a 111,000 motorcycles (FL and FLH models) that's gonna hurt the pocket book ($4,440,000.00 would be the conservative estimate of the costs associated with this recall IMHA)

If you are fortunate/smart enough to live where it's not minus 40 and you are riding your scoot (U Suck and I am  green with envy) PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M. Can

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  1. My own experience at motels is that I have always had good, friendly service. It almost seems as if they like motorcyclists, and some of the motel owners are actually motorcycle owners too.

    And courtesy is a two way street. Just a question: do any motorcyclists do things like drive bikes into the rooms, or use the towels as shop rags on the bike?