My blog post of two days ago where in I asked you for your feed back and input, your ideas of what makes a hotel or motel rider friendly generated some wicked comments in my Face Book group, some posted their comments and some emailed them to me, here are some of the posted ones....

1 and 4 are one in the same for me. I'm not a high maintenance traveler when on the bike. I want a clean roof over my head that's under a hundred bucks. I'm there to sleep and have a shower, that's pretty much it.
I prefer main floor so I don't have to haul gear up stairs and can have the bike close by. We've actually found 1-2 places that have ...given us access to cleaning rags and hoses if needed as well!

We've found some amazingly friendly and customer focused motels across Alberta and BC the last few years and thankfully only had one Biker UN-friendly experience. Avoid the Travelodge in Salmon Arm.

We go to the Best Western in Salmon Arm - they've even let us park the bike in the lobby! We prefer camping when riding - have come across a couple places that won't let you take the bike into the campground because of noise and then you can't sleep because of everyone else's music, generators, etc. (?). So far I think we've been very lucky, have heard horror stories but haven't lived one (knock on wood!)...

I agree with Don, not looking for more than a friendly place at a reasonable price with secure parking for my ride. I never let my ride out of sight. Close to a decent eatery is great. Laundry facilities are also appreciated.

I agree with Don and Ric, bike security is prime.
Best place we've stayed was Three Valley Gag just west of Revelstoke B.C. We pulled in and one of the first questions was "Would you like to park your bike inside a locked building over night?". 2 thumbs up to them and their staff, very friendly also.

While I want more comments and feed back on motels, hotels...

I'd like to move the discussion to restaurants and pubs...

What is the one thing you want the most from a restaurant or pub?

And what is the one thing the will pee you off and give you a headache the most...

Your feed back, you taking a few minutes to respond is HUGE - it will help us shape this training course we are working on so please...participate!

I am asking everyone to be a wee bit patient with the web site over the next few days - we are working on streamlining the layout and the direct submission process - we have over 20K pages of information and it it going to take a bit of reorganizing to make it less intimidating and easier to participate....

In the news today - the news feeds are strangely, eerily quiet today.
I had expected to see reviews on the Toronto Motorcycle Show, but either everyone is too tired or there really wasn't anything special to see. I guess we shall know by the end of the week what the manufacturers think the response to their offerings in 2010 will be.

Motorcycle Shows around the world have had a tough time selling out their floor space, they have had mixed reviews from spectators...I am very curious to see the responses here in Canada.

Husqvarna has announced their Canadian Motocross/Enduro Race Team for 2010.

It's either too early in the day for reports or that is really all the motorcycle news in Canada that's fit to print today. As always, if anything really interesting or very important comes up, we'll let you know.

If you are fortunate/smart enough to live where you can ride today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

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