Well, I did not expect the reaction I got to my blog yesterday. While all of the little business people chose to IM me or email me directly the feed back was astonishing!

I guess they are right, I do tend to say things that other people think, or so I am being told.

Apparently collections is the LEAST favorite job the average little business person has. Why? because we are invested emotionally in every sale we make.
When someone fails to pay for their goods/services or products, well we tend to take it very personally.

I found out I am far from alone in disliking that chore and it also helped to open the door for some 'mentoring' and 'sharing'.

I would love more interaction and feed back with other small business people - the more we talk and share ideas, trials and challenges, the more innovative our thinking becomes!
I sure appreciate those who took the time to write or call and hope that it continues, the connection to others outside of this office is very welcomed.

I am going to resurrect some surveys that I had created a while back on customer service and see if we can't also get some ideas smoking for this new training course I am being asked to design. I hope you will send me in your feed back on what makes a good customer service experience, motels, campgrounds, restaurants and pubs.

In the news today...
While it's another fairly quiet day on the news front, the Hells Angels have gotten themselves embroiled again... 128 charges were laid in another bust!

In Kitimat BC the Mayor is being thanked for her efforts in trying to get motorcycle size/engine restrictions put in place for young riders in BC.

New BOD elected for the A.I.M.Can Peace Country Chapter in Grande Prairie.
We welcome Dave Campbell as our 2010 President.

If you are a lucky dog who lives where it is warm, dry and you can ride - got a spare room?
Please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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