I read with much interest today about the ruling in Saskatchewan with regards to the banning of Motorcycle Club Patches (Gang Patches) in bars and on public property. The reason that I have such interest in this case is there was a similar law that was passed in Grande Prairie when I started hosting motorcycle shows here.

Now please - don't go thinking I am somehow supporting or a supporter of the Hells Angels or any other outlaw motorcycle club.  I am not, I am pretty neutral on the whole MC thing, being a female, all of that testosterone and posturing just isn't anything that holds interest for me. I am however a supporter of the freedoms the Charter of this country allows us.
I am also for reducing the absolute power of the RCMP and having better checks and balances in place for that organized group of men an women.

The trial judge who declared the law unconstitutional made the exact observation I made when a similar law was enacted here: The law was created to help police deal with gangs, drug trafficking, prostitution and child exploitation, but Brayford argued its wording is so broad it could persecute striking workers wearing union logos on their clothes.

So, in a way, many of us owe the Hells Angels a thank you for spending the money on lawyers and getting this law deemed as unconstitutional. And we owe a HUGE thank you to Judge Brayford for having the courage to follow the charter. Perhaps now, here in Grande Prairie the by-law will get axed and then I will be allowed into some of the bars here with my CAV patch on. (Mind you if they weren't around - the Red & White that is - we probably wouldn't have had this dumbassed law enacted in the first place.)

One of the fundamental problems of this whole banning the "Gang" colours thing has been the lack of education as to what patch/es is "Gang" related and what patch isn't. How in the heck is some bar maid or some bar owner gonna know which is which? The RCMP and other police services refuse to provide any education to bar owners and staff. So in effect anyone wearing anything other that manufacturer clothes/patches were being barred/banned as owners feared the reprisal of the RCMP. And in Calgary there are bars that even ban motorcycle manufacture clothing - H-D in particular.

It will be interesting to see if Calgary bars that banned the wearing of Harley-Davidson clothing in their establishments will now have to lighten up on their stupidity or not.
I wonder how many other provinces will follow suit? Manitoba also has a colours law.

I find the whole banning clothing thing to be totally stupid, senseless and an absolute waste of money - ban the clothes because of the "Power of the Patch" and its use for intimidation purposes... but the person who wears the clothing is OK to be present...
Another small victory for common sense which as Mr. Delhon my grade 9 social studies teacher used to say "Common sense is not too common"

In other news:
The Prince George Renegades had a member arrested for drugs etc along with three other prince George citizens - the Renegades are reportedly a puppet club of the Red & White.

And in Hamilton two more associates of the Red & White were scooped in as part of Tuesday busts in Hamilton, Waterloo and Nanticoke.

In Regina some Bikers received an honor from the police for their bravery in stopping a machete wielding crazy man and another knife wielding man who were attempting to rob a gas station attendant.

Harley-Davidson may not be named the official motorcycle of Wisconsin...

Bar Hodgson of Toronto Super Show Fame has a documentary airing about his exploits in Bonneville - David Hatch is the producer of this documentary - if you miss it on  TV it will be aired at the Toronto Super Show in January.

For all of my friends with mobility issues who would love to ride again but are in a might be pleased to hear this, there is a wheelchair accessible motorcycle on the market now! The Martin Conquest 

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Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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  1. To the author you couldn't be more right by thanking the Hell's Angels in Saskatchewan . Standing up for everyone's rights. In a more recent example Hells Angels spending money on their lawyers for everyone's freedoms and rights to not have your property stolen by the government thank the whole Hells Angels of B.C for spending the money and winning that right in court recently getting their Clubhouse back but we all benefit from their spending of money thank you very much Kelowna Hells Angels. The forfeiture Act this is the seizing of citizens property sometimes without a charge the government that is the pigs you know the fascist ones stand up for your rights you got the right to wear a three-piece patch anywhere just like you got the right to wear Levi jeans anywhere in this country get real you going to tell us what clothing we can wear the government steals from us and legally gets away with it now because nobody has the backbone to stand up and say anything anymore the Hell's Angels spent the money on those lawyers for all of our freedoms this for all Canadians rights whose ancestors fought for our freedoms don't forget the price you pay for your freedoms. Comment by PALE HORSE MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Google use