Some on my Facebook page seem to think that nothing will come of the desire to squash the noise pollution by motorcycles. I will be really clear on this - Cash grab or NO - if the silent majority stays silent, if people do not fight for their rights, if they do not say something - do something - when the fines start rolling in - the cash grab will do exactly what it's meant to do - grab cash out of the pockets of those not willing to fight and while it will hurt tourism and all sorts of other things the people who won't fight deserve it in my humble opinion.

I am tired of the complacency I witness every day in the motorcycle community especially here in Alberta.

When they shut me down in Olds and I tried to fight the RCMP - only one biker owned business was willing to write a letter to support me and to expose the harassment we experienced that cost me damned near everything -  I am still trying to pay down on $120K in Credit Card debt I amassed as a result of that show - and the amount is growing not getting less.

Read what this very happy and smug Edmonton Journal Journalist has to say...Scott McKeen  

I listen to riders in this community whine and snivel about loosing their beanies or novelty helmets or getting ticketed for illegal equipment like side mounted plates but does one of them go to court to stand up for what they think to be right? NO - they whine, snivel and #itch - but real meaningful action? NO - there doesn't appear to be much for spine or backbone at least not here in Alberta. The odd person who does stand up for their rights - or goes to court to fight a excessive noise ticket - you never hear from them - good or bad out come.

When is this community going to grow a back bone? When are you going to start taking these "Threats" seriously. Do you not read the news? DO you not see the communities in the US like Myrtle Beach who have been successful in basically banning motorcycle events because of noise and rude/lewd or stupid insensitive behaviour?


There is a lot in the news feeds today so please go check it out over on

I lost my purse somewhere yesterday and have to go retrace my steps and if I don't find it start canceling credit cards etc...

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  1. Customstar001:02 PM

    I agree totally with you. I am infuriated with some of the comments on your facebook saying basically just follow the law and be a good boy and all will be well. Get your heads out of the sand! think it is going to stop at that?? I drive a bike that I guess some of the biker community will say "violates" some laws that our so-called leaders have made. I do not drive like an asshole, respect the throttle and idle alot if in residential places. I have a personal style and for someone (especially someone who rides!!) to sit there and say my style of bike or pipes upsets them and only wants me to drive a cookie cutter unmodified bike from the dealer pisses me off to no end. if i want to build a bike or even just modify my ride to a look that matches my style, Why the hell can't I? isn't individualism what the bike/chopper culture is all about? You want me to conform to your ideals of what is right just because i do not have the same opinion you do. I only speak for myself and my particular motorcycle, but maybe my pipes are loud and in a perfect world if they had a way to make them quieter and still had the look I liked I might change them. But custom made pipes are not available like that! (ask for a pic and look at my bike if you think i dont know what I'm talking about, I drive a custom built bike) I do not put loud pipes on just for the sake of loud pipes, i have no choice if I want to do something custom made. The agrument that loud pipes are just "compensating for something" is juvinile and an idiots argument. I'm sure there are some stupid riders that can't understand respect for others, But to be lumped in with them just because my bike is different is wrong. I'm going to be in court alot this season it looks like, and I will fight EVERY ticket i receive. Sorry for running on, but i'm irritated!

  2. I ride and I'm damn proud of it. I'm not some hot dog throttle pumping biker I'm the mother of two kids and my 8 year old son is the main reason I changed out my pipes in hopes of keeping him somewhat safer when he is on the back of my bike with me. My thought on this whole pipe thing is I'm a responsible rider where I can't say the same about alot of drivers out on our roadways these days and I figure if they can hear me a bit better especially with my son on the back then hopefully theres a better chance they will hear me before they cut me off because up to this point I have yet to witness or heard of a collision between a motorcycle and a car where the bike came out in better shape than the car it only stands to reason that the motorcycle rider and their passenger are seriously hurt or killed in any collision between 2 tons of steel and while I'm on the subject of idiot drivers in cars maybe the cops should be ticketing these idiots for cutting riders off or running red lights etc, if they did maybe us motorcycle enthusiasts wouldn't need to put louder pipes on our bikes in hopes to be heard so these idiots don't run into to us and very possibly kill us. In my opinion most of us that arn't throttle junkies are being preventive in trying to avoid an accident. If I'm ever riding in a city and I'm ticketed for my pipes then I most certainly will be waiting for my day in court as the law states that I must protect my children and thats exactly what I am doing with loud pipes I'm trying to protect my son's life while he's riding with me on my motorcycle.