14 Gold medals - an amazing feat - did the investment that our government make in Canadian Atheletes pay off? Yes. I am proud to be a Canadian - always have been - this morning I feel a little more pride.
Every athlete  should be proud of themselves whether they won a medal or not. The dedication it takes to get to that level alone is nothing short of incredible.

There is however one thing that REALLY pissed me off about the games and that was the First Nations Chief making such political statements on CTV. The games are not supposed to be about politics and that gets my goat and it would no matter who was making political statements. I too was happy that our first nations people were a big part of the games. They are a big part of the Canadian heritage and culture and like every aspect of our culture they deserve to be showcased but no more or less than any other aspect of our culture. I was also upset  for the very same reason that French was spoken first for the announcements. I am married to a Frenchman and my mother is French - this is not about racism or anything else other than Canadian identity. I felt that since English is our official first language and that it is a universal language it should have been used first for the announcements, then they should have made them in French. I was disappointed from the coverage end of things that our multicultural society wasn't better represented but hey - I also couldn't watch 24/7 so I may have missed a lot.

Anyone who knows me knows I am proud of our Canadian culture - it's diversity and it's depth.
I feel that the organizers did an amazing job in-spite of the weather and every other challenge they faced.

Our broadcasters in my opinion put far too much pressure on our athletes but they came through.

I am a prouder than ever Canadian because these games prove one thing that I have said for a long time...we have talented, talented people here and if our Government would invest in our people - our people would prove the investment a worthy one and man did they ever. Now if the government would take what they learned here and put that into movies, music and a whole host of other people skills our people would be the most sought after in the world. Am I being arrogant? No - just proud - honest!

In the news today:

A Business man has plans to open a "Biker Friendly" bar and grill in Dayton Ohio
It's probably not a place I would go because his idea of being "Biker Friendly" is catering to Harley riders and I hate things that are to me, exculsionistic - it's like the Best Western Thing - they say they are friendly to bikes and yet they have thrown their lot in with Harley - I love my Harley-Davidson motorcycle but not to the point where I would stay some where that my friends who ride Honda's and Triumphs, BMW's and Yamaha's aren't welcome - or where they FEEL like they are not welcome.
Sad but true, a lot of people who ride Harley's are down right rude and scum others who don't ride a Harley. I find that sad and pathetic. The wind is the common denominator, that should in my humble opinion, erase all social stigmas and barriers in our own community - good natured teasing is one thing but to be down right rude like some who ride Harley's are just shows how small and petty they really are.

Neil Johnston of OneWheelDrive is on quite the trip....

And in Halifax a man and woman were murdered. The man reportedly was a member of the Bacchus MC a reported Hells Angels puppet club...

I am going to sign of with this quick reminder...

If you are a fortunate sod who is riding - please remember to ride like everyone around you is out to get you, that they are blind and can not see you, and PLEASE use some respect with that right hand - for the sake of all of us.

Our show 'n' shine closes on March 3rd at midnight. Get on over there and vote for your favorite machine before its too late!

Have an incredible Monday - I know I will!

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YOU, make it a great day!

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders
and your hand over my mouth! Amen
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