Have you ever been at a motorcycle event and just sat back and watched people?

This past weekend at the Slack Alice's Show 'n' Shine I did a lot of that - in fact I do at every riding event.

The things I find interesting are the way people change their talk and their carriage of themselves when they are around different people.

For example, I watched this one young fellow who seemed to be everywhere, if I was at the hot dog vendors, he'd appear, if I went to the beer gardens, there he was. Anyhow, this young man changed his personality so many times he could have been a chameleon! When he was talking to a patch holder he was all Bro dis and Bro dat, his walk was cocky almost a jive walk and when he was in front of a bunch of young gals he was all charm and compliments, he treated the physically attractive waitresses like they were "pros" and elderly women like they were his mom  - it was interesting for sure.

Then there were some of the girls - I remember being young and wanting to look all hot and sexy, I wonder if back in the day my friends and I put on the phony the way some of these gals do? Thank goodness for old age and distance from those memories.  Oh lord some of the gals were trashy and catty - some were even cruel. I found it interesting the way all of these young flat bellies had to get all high on themselves in front of the patch holders...the games that get played in real life are more interesting watching than anything on the tube!

I wonder why we as humans can't be content to be who we really are? I wonder why we feel the need to drink and ride or to show off on our machines by doing burn outs and drawing the heat from the cops and ire of the neighbours - I wonder why we feel the need to destroy otherwise good events with bad attitudes and egos. There I go again with that Why thing...

In the news today:

In Quebec more protests are being planned by riders to protest the insurance and licensing hike they experienced last year at the hand of the Charest government. They intend to plug up the road ways going the minimum speed allowed byt the law to drive their point home.

One Ontario - one rider tries to remind vehicle drivers who smoke to please not flick their cigarette butts out the window - she explains the kind of accidents that can cause.

In Vancouver it appears that riders are not going to get a break on parking, at least not yet.

The feds are thinking of allowing what is being dubbed as quadracycles on the roadway - you see them in the USA, they are really nothing more in my humble opinion, than a quad.

If you are fortunate to be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone is blind and out to get you and ride proud, not loud.

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