On Vancouver Island the Association for Injured Motorcyclists has for the past 22 years held a very popular event: The Pig 'n' Fin

Pepper - from the Vancouver Island Chapter announced on Face Book today that the decision was made to cancel the event due to a lack of volunteers - she also announced that for the same reason the Vancouver Island Chapter of AIM would be put in limbo meaning that injured riders would not be getting the support that they once had.

Folks - I am sad - heart sick really. The Pig 'n' Fin has been an event that funds assisting injured riders for 22 years - there are more of us than ever and yet in just about every organization I talk to volunteer-ism is at an all time low!  It appears that in many locales the same 6-10 people do all of the work - time after time until they burn out and can do no more. If you are willing to step up and help out contact the Vancouver Island AIM chapter.

I am begging all of you - every human being who rides - PLEASE - get off your duffers and volunteer for the motorcycle group/cause that is the closest to your heart - without volunteers we are going to start loosing more and more events - look at what happened in Grande Prairie - same thing - our chapter of AIM Can is in moth balls and our events are cancelled - why? Because no one is stepping up to help out.

I wished with all my heart that every riding club and every cause had the number of volunteers they need to survive but only YOU can make that happen. Are you going to be one of those people who says I wished there was something to do this weekend? Are you going to ask why are there no events? No show 'n' shines, no poker runs? People - these things don't happen without two key ingredients - volunteers and sponsors. Remember that! Shop at the sponsors businesses - they sponsor events to gain loyal customers and give back to their community. Why else would they just give an event hundreds of dollars in product etc????

Instead of trying to start your own group or event - why not look around to see what you could join...all of the divided effort in the world is only going to weaken our community - remember - united we ride!

In the news today:

Ottawa - Parliament Hill - a new club is hitting the streets! The Hill's Angels - Red & White will be their colours and all MP's who ride will be the members! After Rex Murphy's commentary a few years ago where in he called Parliament the Big Red Machine - I find it hilarious with all of the politics on both sides of the fence that they should call themselves Hills' Angels - Too Freaking funny if you ask me!

In Calgary - the Cancer Camp is getting ready for their ride.

Check out the BEST Ride's first ride of the season.

Motorcycle Ride for Dad is in the news again!

There's a great article on a biker dog...

The Deb Grey Ride for Haiti has been cancelled

In Kelowna a rider is down after a crash yesterday

If you are lucky enough to be riding today - please, ride like everyone around you is blind, is out to get you and please ride proud - not loud.

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