The US Highland Motorcycle Company is reeling today after three of their top executives/partners were killed in a plane crash on Saturday night.
 Mats Malmberg , Damian Riddoch and Chase Bales were three of five partners in the Oklahoma-based motorcycle manufacturer. Highland was founded by Malmberg in Sweden, but the company moved its manufacturing base to Oklahoma only recently.

The three were on their way to Tulsa when the crash happened. 
US Highland is an off road motorcycle company specializing in motocross machines.
I can only imagine how the families and employees must be feeling and my heart goes out to them all.

In New Hampshire, riders are pretty frustrated at the thought of loosing their motorcycle parking at the beach in Hampton. After having specified parking for 40 years, the thought of loosing it is making them consider other beaches.
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia & PEI are getting a boost from the Live with Regis & Kelly Show.  Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia was recently featured on the show! The pair are in the Atlantic region to tape four shows.

In India, Harley-Davidson's first dealership is now open. Moving into India is part of Harley-Davidson's strategy to break into this and other emerging markets as its customers in developed markets are aging.The company, which cites the lure of India's rapidly growing economy and rising middle class, is launching 12 variants of their motorcycles in the country.

In New Zealand, motorcyclists are fuming of the 69% increase in the cost of registering their motorcycles.   “The ACC component for registering a 650cc+ motorcycle has increased from $250.69 to $426.92, adding a whopping $174.23 to the bill,” Rick Barker said.

The frustration level over an increase like that must be about on par with the frustration felt by riders in Quebec who saw fees for sport bikes jump by $1100 per year and regular street machines go up by $110. Our governments sure appear to love to stick it to us, no matter where in the world we live, or am I jumping to conclusions?

In other news:
In Fredricton NB a rider was injured in a single vehicle accident when he hit a curb.

In Cape Breton a young rider from Sydney NS is dead following a crash, the circumstances around the crash are not known.

In New Brunswick - the girls of the Bike Klub are all set to compete in the Chopper Challenge in Sturgis but they need a wee bit of help.

In Ontario, Bob Probert's funeral saw him take his last motorcycle ride on a side car with 60 motorcycles escorting him to his final resting place.

Also in Ontario a young Thornhill rider was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the car who hit him has been charged with careless driving.

In Southern Alberta there will be a Leather & Chaps ride for SNAPS - Special Needs Association for Parents and Siblings on July 24th.

In Grande Prairie - Will Skinner is recovering after he hit an elk on Thursday night and Floyd Funk who hit a deer two weeks ago is in much better spirits.

In BC, the Pat Bat Highway was closed for a while after two speeding motorcyclists were stopped by the RCMP - well, one stopped for the RCMP, the other was stopped by a deer.

PLEASE, ride like every corner holds a moose/deer or an elk, that every driver of a cage is BLIND , can not see you you and IS out to get you - ride are important here.

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