Yes, you read the headlines right. In Great Britian a cafe that has for years catered to motorcyclists has recently begun to close early to discourage bike night and is in fact thinking of banning bikes all together if things continue the way they are. The owner John Simpson, who himself is a rider is overwhelmed. His ride night went from 200 bikes to upwards of 1,000 and consequently he and his staff of three can't keep up - to top it all off he is being slammed and criticized for discriminating.

According to the Northern Echo:
He said the cafe could not accommodate the volume of bikers turning up and it had begun to ruin the experience for other customers.
Mr Simpson said the Lord Stones was never meant to be solely a bikers’ cafe, and many of its customers were families, walkers, gliders, cyclists or horse riders.
Customers and members of the public had also been shocked after some bikers became aggressive – when Mr Simpson refused to open his gates after hours, or told them they would have to wait in line for their food, they shouted and swore......
“All we want is responsible bikers and they are very welcome.
“We used to have a nice friendly night, and we would end up with a couple of hundred.
But what happened this year went out of control. We just cannot cope with those numbers.
“We are everybody’s cafe – everybody is welcome and nobody is turned away in the hours we are cooking, as long as we can cope.”

The old adage that success can kill is true and how in the heck can these riders become so "Aggressive" It is also reported that there is a face Book Group that has become rather aggressive...come on this really the way to go about getting things changed? Threatening people, being rude, chasing away his other customers?

Whenever you get that many people converging in one place with no "supervision" the probability that things will become stupid goes up - I feel for this man and his staff, every article I have read on this story is the same, the man feels overwhelmed and under supported by a community that he says he has done a lot for. Responsible motorcyclists will always be welcome he says...

Then there is the story of a 105 year old woman  named Winifred Brown in the UK who want's to go for a motorcycle ride...
A SWINDON centenarian proved she is still raring to go as she celebrated her 105th birthday by asking to get back on a motorcycle...
Janet Cooke, Win’s only child, said: “It’s wonderful to see her doing so well.
“She’s still sharp and she always loved the outdoors.
“My father bought a motorcycle in 1929 and she put a cushion on the back and they rode it all the way to Wales.” 

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In other News:
The RCMP in BC are warning those who drink and drive of new tough measures coming this Fall. In BC if you get caught driving in the danger/warning zone of .05-.08 you will get a three day suspension of your license, a $200 fine and then when you go to renew your license you will HAVE to go to a mandatory defensive driving course at a cost of $1200 and you will pay a higher license renewal fee. In all that one extra drink could cost you around $4,000...

Aerosmith's Joe Perry was rear ended while on his motorcycle - he escaped serious injury though...

There's a ton of other interesting stuff in the what's hot section of  hope to see you there!

PLEASE, no matter what event you are attending, no matter where your holidays are taking you - PLEASE, ride like every corner holds a moose/deer or elk, that every driver of a cage is BLIND , can not see you you and IS out to get you - ride are important here. Ride Proud not Loud - save those pipes for when someone tries to violate your lane...

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