It has been a really sad and tragic weekend for the riding community again.

The number of accidents and deaths reported this past weekend make this gal's heavy heart even heavier.

While I was on the road back from Kamloops BC to go see my brother who has terminal lung cancer, I saw about 100 bikes whose riders were all wearing safety vests or really bright orange or yellow vests over their leathers. At one gas station I asked the group of about 10 why they were all wearing these vests and their answer was resounding - SO PEOPLE IN CARS, TRUCKS and SEMIS will see us.

Now, a good number of the accidents that were reported in the news feeds had a lot to do with speed and some sadly with alcohol BUT, a number of them involved left hand turns by cagers...I wished that wasn't the case, but it is. I hope more riders will look into creative ways to be seen and that those who ride to fast for their ability will consider slowing down and if they don't realize they are riding above their ability - that their friends will point that out to them before it is too late.

I myself am looking into the vest idea - I like that - a lot - my only fear is that if we all do that - will our vests become so common place that cagers will miss seeing us then too?

I hope to start seeing some really good photos submitted to our two contests!

The Ride Like a Local Photo Contest.
The Rules are simple...
Take a picture of YOU and YOUR Ride in front of your favorite Canadian Summer Destination, Attraction or Event.
We want to see photos from and in every province and territory in Canada!
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The other Contest: 
Take a picture of the WORST Canadian Road you come across this summer! 
We want to see photos from and in every province and territory in Canada!
Submit your picture between July 8th and September 30, 2010
We haven't decided on a prize yet!

The contests are open to registered members of and remember - membership is FREE!

I am in the process of reading a book by Don Norris called "Riding with Attitude" - all about the Satan's Choice...we will have two copies to give away - so stay tuned!

In other news:
In Alberta - a hero died and was laid to rest...Kent Pankow lost his fight with cancer.

In BC the RCMP were pleased to announce that the Summer Stomp was a much quieter affair!

In Grand Bank Nfld a woman who was killed in a US crash - was buried and her community celebrated her life as a volunteer.

In Ontario the UN-NATO group hosted a Veterans ride for a Hero and had 125 riders come out. Also in Ontario, John's Journey was a huge success.

If you are among the fortunate and you are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, IS out to get you and PLEASE, save those pipes for when a vehicle attempts to violate your right of way...

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