It appears that the discrimination that many riders face may be a far wider problem than we realize.
What makes me say that? Well - it appears that in Ontario at least - that if they were really interested in quelling the noise of motorcycles the way the grumbling has been (In Windsor particularly) then you would think they would embrace the electric motorcycle...but that is NOT the case from what I see in the news feeds this morning.

It appears to me, and this is truly just a hunch, that having people who ride motorcycles as a bad guy target is appealing to that jurisdiction - otherwise why wouldn't you embrace electric motorcycles...

The article entitled "Ontario To Subsidize Electric Cars, Not Motorcycles" points this very sentiment out.

It is a sad statement that we as motorcyclists must face: "This has got to be a blow for electric motorcycle companies, and another sign that the Canadian authorities don't think too much about motorcycle in general." states author Mike Werner.

MD's like Foothills in Southern AB and regions like Surrey, Chilliwack and Delta BC look, Windsor ON and many other jurisdictions are watching what happens with Edmonton's bylaw and await the first trials and court hearings to see if the discriminatory way Edmonton is handling noise issues will be allowed to stand or not.

In other news:
US Highland has named new executive in their bid to get back to business after the tragic plane crash that killed three of their top people.

Harley-Davidson is doing it's part to manage the prices of used bikes...

In Newfoundland The Bacchus Motorcycle Club is claiming harassment and discrimination after a weekend stop by The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

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If you are among the fortunate and you are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, IS out to get you and PLEASE, save those pipes for when a vehicle attempts to violate your right of way...

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