This is a subject that is VERY close to my heart and one I think we need to start SCREAMING about. Debris on our roads, unsafe loads and the ensuing chaos and injuries.

Yesterday a man lost his leg when a forklift arm came of of the deck of a semi hauling scrap metal. The rider is apparently from BC... Officials said the man was eastbound with a group of other motorcyclists when a commercial semi-trailer approached from the opposite direction along Hwy. 1A, east of the Morley townsite. Last month a woman in an SUV was killed when the brake drum from a Semi flew into her vehicle in that Southern AB country...

Folks - I wear braces for the rest of my life all because some jerk wad did not tie his load of canoes down properly.   A rider here in Grande Prairie a few years back was seriously injured when a 4x4 came off of a welding truck deck...

Flying debris, improperly maintained commercial vehicles and bad road repairs are HUGE dangers for everyone but more so for motorcyclists. As we all know when stuff happens on a bike, it goes bad REAL fast.

With all of the hulla ballu about the noise from motorcycles I wonder what would happen if WE actually started pushing back?

Maybe we need to start pushing to have our road ways become safer by insisting the DOT do it's job and ticket truckers who come out of the bush with mud up over the rails or the lazy ones who won't tarp their loads and salt and pepper us going down the road (think of the windshield claims that wouldn't be on cars and pick ups if we forced the issue).

When we see an unsafe road repair - if we documented it - and sent it in to the department of highways and infrastructure - I wonder what would happen if they got flooded with paper work?

The sad thing is, here in Canada I doubt it will ever happen that we could sustain enough anger or indignation to make much of an impact - we Canadians (not just the bikers but Canadians in general - we are too complacent and we think someone else will do it) - we are either too busy or unmotivated for the most part - at least that has been my experience...I got petitions in from Saskatchewan & Central AB tourists over the Edmonton Bylaw - NONE from any other province - Not a ONE. How freaking sad is that? Yet there isn't a rider in this country that isn't affected by what Edmonton has done - everyone acts isolated - well, that's Edmonton's problem, I live in Calgary or Vancouver, or Saskatoon or the news people - educate yourselves Right across NORTH AMERICA the push to quiet the noise from motorcycles is becoming a deafening roar and in North America there are 11 MILLION if us yet hardly a whimper and when there is it is from the same tired and over worked freedom fighters who really deeply care about protecting their community.

I am so saddened at the lack of indignation and action on the parts of my brothers and sisters - what is it going to take for 11 MILLION bikers/Riders/Enthusiasts of the cruising/touring community to get on the band wagon and start pushing back? We are supposed to be representative of our freedoms in these two great countries and yet...we appear to have our proverbial tails between our legs and letting the whiners of the world win...

Time to step up people, time to make some prolonged noise...I am a Biker - I am fed up with shitty roads, unsafe loads, disgustingly discriminatory laws and inattentive drivers.

How about you? Where do you stand on this topic? I would dearly love to know....

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No mater which of the 100 or so motorcycle events that are taking place this weekend across this fair land called Canada that you decide to attend - PLEASE - I beg you  - Ride like every SOB in the country has an unsafe load, is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you and please ride Proud not loud and consider some push back on the issues that affect our safety!

I LOVE YOU and want you around to argue with, to bench race with and to just generally hang out with so please - take care of YOU...

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