Hubby and I are in Yorkton this morning where we woke up to grey and wet skies.

We have a 700 KM trek to Kenora today and in the morning we hook up with the 10th Anniversary Ride for the MRFD.

So - there will be no blogging besides the travel blogs for the next couple of days unless I find myself with some time.

It is challenging - building the paper bit by bit every day, staying on top of paperwork, meeting people and riding but we are getting in the groove.

Apparently I touched a bit of a nerve with  a few people yesterday with my comments on Pee Wee Herman and Sturgis. I want everyone to understand that as a survivor of abuse - I am not going to condone someone who owns "art" as he called it by way of explicit magazines etc. I know that many may think me unforgiving but when it comes to children and abusers - I know only too well how the abuser can lie, manipulate and generally weasel their way out of things - I experienced that for many years.  Perhaps the man is innocent but I will Never feel comfortable with that individual having any representation around children. But that is just me.

In the news today:
In Saskatoon the counsellor who wants to quiet the noise from motorcycles is being threatened.

In Newfoundland a rider is dead after a crash.

In Australia the Hells Angels attended the funeral of a reported crime boss.

In Ontario - the Ozzy’s Garage Youth Mentorship Program is working miracles

In Kamloops BC - city council is being urged to leave noisy bikes to the RCMP

If you wish to follow our progress on our Awareness Conga visit our travel blogs:

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