Sometimes the good old boy upstairs has the most outrageous sense of humour!

I read with a certain amount of delight about a 16 year old BC rider who got a come uppance I hope he won't soon forget.

Apparently this young man took offence to a parking control officer who was chalking tires and decided to flip the man the bird but in the process, the young man forgot he was riding and by the time he looked back at where he was going, he was going straight into the back end of a car that had stopped for the light. Now he is facing a series of fines and an ICBC increase that will cost him a pretty penny - apparently he did not have the "L" magnet on his motorcycle...he was charged with driving with undo care and attention and not having his "L' endorsement visible which is a contravention of his license conditions....

Ahhh yes, if only every young show off got caught in this manner when they were young, maybe we wouldn't have so many attention seekers driving cars with huge boom boxes cranked to the nines, or semis with Jacobs brakes and straight pipes or riding motorcycles and making the rest of us look bad...

Still - I am grateful one young man got a life lesson - and thanks to the Good Lord, the young man will live to ride another day even if it will cost him and arm and a leg for insurance...

In other news:
A 28 year old BC rider is dead after a crash near Rayleigh...Exessive speed is believed to be the cause.

Port Dover had over 100,000 visitors for Friday the 13th!

The Motorcycle Ride for Dad National Run is gaining momentum - lots of riders have been coming out to meet the gang - Prostate Cancer is becoming a well known subject that is far less fearful for men to talk about than every before all thanks to men like Garry Janz, Don Cherry, Frm Gen Hillier and the whole gang from the MRFD - I am so honoured to be a bronze sponsor of what they do.

In Waterloo Ontario a safety blitz was held targeting motorcycles and folks - it appears there are a lot of unsafe motorcycles on the road in Ontario - either that or the view we are being given in the news is very skewed...Out of around 400 motorcycles stopped in the 6 hour blitz - 56 charges were laid -
The charges included improper helmets, handlebars exceeding 380 millimetres high, defective tires, improper mufflers, no headlights and driving in contravention of license conditions.
19 motorcycles were hauled away as unsafe to ride due to major equipment defects...

If you have the time to join us - we would love to have you on our Awareness Conga for F.I.R.R.E.
If you can't join us on the road, consider joining F.I.R.R.E. (Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education) It is the best $20 you will spend on yourself!

You can also follow hubby and I as we light a F.I.R.R.E. across Canada - I will be doing my best to blog daily and keep you informed as to how the fund raising and the Awareness raising is going!

No matter what event you choose to attend this weekend - PLEASE - Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead!

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