Our community is under siege yet again and sadly it is our own error as riders that appears to be taking it's toll this year.

In the first collision I am reporting on today -  involving a death, 64 year old Donald Ulmer of Grenfell Saskatchewan was travelling at a high rate of speed - in a corner, crossed the center line and rode right into a group of 6 motorcyclists going the other direction.

The second collision involving a death was on Vancouver Island - police have not released any details.
It seems to me, more and more - that the biggest enemies we have in our community when it comes to accidents - is , well - US.  Yes there are a lot of collisions with cagers where the cager is at fault but more and more people rider error is responsible for the mayhem and tragedy that we are witnessing. This year we have lost - at last count according to Education for the Driving Masses 106 riders, this makes 108 for sure - in all of 2009 we lost 118

Ride Like a Pro DVD's are available here in Canada through Flo: Go with the Flo - Ride like a Pro

Education - improving your riding skills - watching your speed on roads you don't know...we all know what it takes to be safe out there...

I get made fun of a lot when I ride as I tend to watch my speed in curves - for those who like to ride the twisties really hard - I AM NOT the companion to go riding with in the Kaslo - Nelson region. If the speed limit sign says 40KPH - then that's what you will find me doing - I tend to err on the side of caution - especially if I don't know the road well. Well - my attitude is - go ahead - make fun of me - at least I am here for you to do that.

As always - your feedback and input is deeply appreciated. I look forward to the banter...

Today marks the first leg of our Awareness Conga - for our first year I chose to create awareness for F.I.R.R.E. - the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education.  Hubby and I will ride to Morniville where we will hook up with Geoff and a couple of other veterans tomorrow morning - they will ride with us the the West End of Edmonton to meet up with Lucien B Gratton who is supposed to be riding with us to Lloydminster...Let's light a F.I.R.R.E. and watch it burn nice and bright!

In the News:
Port Dover saw over 20K motorcycles come out to celebrate the 50th Friday the 13th since the inception of the event!

Pee Wee Herman was a reporter in Sturgis and lead the Legends Ride...

The MRFD National Tour had hundreds of riders join them in Trenton.

The Military Police National Relay is supporting the Wounded Warriors

A Toronto Lawyer used some quick thinking to save the life of a motorcyclist who wrecked while trying to pass a semi .. Editor Mark Richardson shares his story about his mom's cancer and a ride he promised her...well worth reading folks.

No matter what event you choose to attend this weekend - PLEASE - Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead!

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