If you are in Vancouver, check out the Gas Town Show 'n' Shine being hosted by BCCOM.
The gals from the Swan City Charities have their new 18 month calendar on will benefit the Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society. The ladies are reporting that just as many if not more women buy their calendar that men do!

The ABATE in Ontario is planning on going ahead with their plans for a campground. They were recently denied their permit to hold a motorcycle rally on their property because they didn't have their rezoning papers in on time but held their event anyway.
The Mayor is upset and so are a bunch of the neighbors. Because the 50 acre parcel is in a fragile eco area with wetlands and  is also zoned as rural a number of the area horse farmers and others do not want to see a private campground in their community.

The ABATE - according to its neighbors and the various articles in the news has in many ways violated the local bylaws by allowing people to camp on their property. According to one neighbor there has been camping on the property since May.

According to the news reports, Local Pastor Daniel Cudney and his wife Bev would like to see some negotiation happen between the community and the ABATE as neighbors as they feel the good done by the rally for the local economy is very important.

Their application for re zoning will be heard soon, I wonder if going against the mayor's and councils wishes with regards to their rally will put them in tough or help them? We shall be watching and waiting to hear what happens.

As always, your feedback and input is ALWAYS very welcome...

In the news:
In the US of A a Texas motorcycle officer apparently dumped his bike during a motorcade for President Obama because of a pothole....

Friday the 13th in Port Dover is tomorrow! The town is bracing for record numbers as they get ready to host the 50th Friday the 13th celebration since the events inception!

In BC - The Gas Town Show 'n' Shine is this weekend...Visit our events calendars for more event information for right across the country! If your event isn't listed - get on it - it is FREE to do!

Old Aged Pension reform is in the news again - what do we have to do to stop these people and their ridiculous ideas???

If you are traveling - please be careful of this scam - it is simple and catches many people unaware...Credit Card Scam

And again - sadly we have more accidents and a death to report...please visit the rider down section of our web site

Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead!

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