This is Remembrance Week. With our soldiers in such desperate need in this country, we the people they protect...we need to do what our government doesn't appear to be - we need to show them our thanks, we need to honor them and THEIR FAMILIES.

I have made three personal decisions:
1) To send a box out for the Chosen Soldier Program for Christmas
This program offers the soldier a few creature comforts not provided by the Government. Things like word search books and hand sanitizer, baby wipes, licorice...little things that can mean soooo much. One box serves a group of 12 soldiers on average.

2) To write to my MP to ask for reform of the New Veteran's Charter

3) To attend an OUTDOOR Service on November 11th

That's how I intend to honor and support my troops, and how I intend to remember.

What are you doing? I want to hear from you.
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In other news:
The Creed - the band - is suing Yamaha

Harley-Davidson strong arms more American employees

In Ontario - the Poppy is coming to a motorcycle plate near you!

A second young man in Nova Scotia has died as a result of a crash

In Revelstoke BC a new dirt track opens

If you are riding today, you luck dog...PLEASE ride safe, and put on an extra few for me K cause - yah this sucks being without my ride, it sucks harder than you know.....

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

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