Supporting our veterans.

It is tragic - to me at least, that our veterans - people who have laid their lives on the line to defend our freedoms, to attempt to gain freedom for those who are oppressed - are being treated the way they are by the military bureaucracy and our Federal Government.

I encourage and beg all of you - please find out what initiative is being promoted in your region to assist our veterans in getting the poorly and unfairly crafted "New Veteran's Charter revisited. Let's get out and stand behind the men and women who make it possible for us here in Canada to live in relative peace and freedom.

Here is the link to the New Veterans Charter - Services and Benefits:

Our Veterans - IMHO deserve to be treated with honor and respect and part of that respect is paying them decently for their service, both while they are in service and after they come home. If it is a drain on the federal government's coffers then I recommend highly that our MP's take a cut in their pension and that they not be allowed to draw a pension until they have served at least two tours of duty - two elections.

If you need to understand the changes that have taken place, find a CAV FULL member, or a member of the Defenders (Or any military member retired or active)  and talk to them about the changes and how unfair they are and how they affect the people who serve US.

This weekend in Trenton a number of military personnel - some of them CAV members are going to be protesting the New Veterans Charter and asking for changes.
If you can, join them - please.

If you can't - then please take a moment to write your MP.
Demand that your MP either pick up a rifle and head over seas into a place of conflict or get off their butts and do the right thing by our vets.

In case you are unsure of who your MP is or how to contact them:

For those of you who are unsure of what to write and what to ask for here is my letter to use as a guide (just substitute the name of your MP):

Dear Mr Warkentin,

I am writing to you as a citizen of Canada.
I am asking you to please force the re visitation of the New Veteran's Charter.

The men and women who sacrifice their lives and the quality of their families lives, deserve far better treatment than is being offered in my opinion and I ask you to please ensure that these proud men and women never have to grovel or beg to get the assistance and help they need when they come home from combat or peace keeping missions.

It is because of their courage, their dedication that we here in this country live in relative peace and freedom. It is because of their willingness to put their lives on the line that you and I do not have to fear suicide bombers or dodge gun fire in our streets on a daily basis. It is because of their courage and their willing hearts that you and I can sleep peacefully at night. Our biggest worries are how we are going to juggle our schedules to attend the upcoming Christmas parties, ensure the kids get to hockey practice and how we will pay our bills.

It is because of them that we do not truly know fear in this country.

I beg you to take a lead in ensuring that the men and women who serve our country are given the medical health benefits, the mental health benefits and financial and practical aides they need and DESERVE. A widow/er should NOT have to pay inheritance tax or beg for benefits. A soldier who has seen too much and or comes home broken on the outside as well as the inside - PLEASE take the lead to ensure that he/she gets all of the help they need to ensure a certain quality of life.

A soldier should know when he/she signs on for the job the their Government VALUES their service and recognize their contribution to a safer country. They should not have to fear their government.

If we as the taxpayers - who actually make up the Government of Canada - are not prepared to look after these people when they come home - then we should not be asking them to lay their lives on the line. Make no mistake though, there is far, far more to a soldiers sacrifice than the mere laying their lives on the line.

For every soldier who comes home wounded - either physically or mentally (spiritually) there is an entire family that is affected - you are not dealing with but one person but many and if you are not prepared to support that family as much as the soldier than you have NO right to ask the soldier to go lay their life on the line. It is OUR duty to protect their families, just as the soldier protects ours.

I ask you to please aide in the reforming of this poorly crafted peice of legislation that does not assist in keeping our country stong and free. How will we ever attract the right caliber and quality of people to defend our country and it's freedoms and rights if we are not prepared to pay for their service in a fair and equitable way?

If you are not prepared to take a lead in reform of the New Veteran's Charter, then please sir, feel free to go to basic training and take a soldiers place. I will be more that happy to send your unit a care package as part of the "Chosen Soldiers" Project this Christmas.

I thank you for your consideration of this request and await your answer, which I expect by way of action, not by response to this letter.

Yours in Support of our Troops,

Renee "Belt Drive Betty" Charbonneau
Member 3 CAV Supporter Member
Grande Prairie AB

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  1. Every dime, every penny that is being spent on boatloads of Tamil Tigers or other "political refugee" criminals who attempt to enter our country illegally/through the back door.. there's a lot of funding for military families if we just redirect it.
    The Ride for Dad supports the Military Families Fund as well, and while we're arguing with politicians, we can still DIRECTLY help out those in need by supporting that fund. More info is on

  2. Godspeed in your efforts. Veterans need to be shown respect and treated appropriately for defending freedom. I know in the USA we still have a lot of room for improvement on the way our vets are treated.