In Australia, motorists who get caught parking in motorcycle only parking spots in front of a rider owned pizza parlor are complaining and snivelling about the fines they are getting.
I do not understand that personally....

If a sign says handicapped only or motorcycle only or taxi's only or delivery only or customer of  - why do you even bother whining when you get ticketed for parking there?  The signs are there for a reason. It is the same as those who get ticketed for being on their cell phone instead of using hands free.  What is it about the human race that we think we are entitled to be treated differently than the next guy - that we are somehow special? It is to me, a major sign of the ills of our society and world. 

As I get older, I am beginning to shed that selfish, self involved way of thinking and learning to put empathy into play. I don't succeed all of the time, but I am far better than I used to be. Like my good friend Wyzwmn who stated - Wyzwmn is an ever evolving work...well that's how I feel.

I feel like I am on an accelerated learning curve - constantly being given challenges to face that teach me about human nature and my own shortcomings. When I get a lesson, I get it well but like every evolving masterpiece there are times when I miss the mark completely.

I catch myself often grumbling under my breath about all kinds of negative things and now that I am aware of the power of those thoughts, I am learning not to begrudge people their happiness, their achievements or their success just because they hurt me. I am learning to be happy for them. Obviously they are doing some things right. I also figure that if someone who hurt me can be successful in spite of their shortcomings, there is hope for me.

I hope that each of us can find some peace with the laws that are there to protect the greater good, I hope that those laws that don't make sense get put to rest where they belong in file 13...I hope that at some time in the future, the very near future that people who are hired to do a job learn to just do it and not feel entitled to a pay check just because they showed up.

Customer service is a dying art and when I get treated well I am learning to be deeply appreciative of it and let go of the sense of disappointment or resignation when it is less than good.

Our society - world wide - is broken is so many ways - but when we get around the good people, those who are true to themselves but compassionate and empathetic as well - this is the MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the universe to be. 

I thank my lord and the universe for every lesson, no matter how painful, for every friend, every kindness and every bit of love. I am becoming a person I like - less angry and frustrated - kinder and more forgiving and when I am really having a good one, I am even gentle.

I am learning to relax in traffic and just take the time to breathe and let go, I am learning to deal with the people who can make decisions and create less stress for myself...

These people who are being ticketed for parking where they shouldn't be parked need to learn that the world does not revolve around them, they are not more special that the rest of us.

It's like the Motorcycle Noise Bylaws - we are not more special than any other road user so why should we be held to a different standard than the rest are?

Yes, there are laws that make sense, that are fair and there are laws that make no sense, but instead of fighting against what I don't want, instead of focusing on the things I don't like, I am working towards what I do want - if everyone tried that - they would find their lives filled with more contentment and peace than they knew was possible.

I have a few more hours on the paper and then I say good bye to Vancouver and hello Grande Prairie with a stop in Sorrento to see my sister in law and nephew.

There is a whack of interesting news from around the block and around the world - hope you will go check it out and offer some feedback on the things our community is experiencing and doing.

Our Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine is accepting pictures until January 31st - where are your pictures? Are you gonna wait until the last minute? Tsk, Tsk....

Have a great day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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